Where Nonsense Becomes Truth

Posted by: numan

Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/17/12 06:43 PM

The view from Germany.

Where Nonsense Becomes Truth

The Republican primaries are proving that many Americans live in a bizarre world....They're calling Mitt Romney a “moderate” again. He's middle of the road — a centrist. If the rest are all zombies, then Dracula wins the beauty contest....
It looks like all the various arch- and neoconservative, libertarian, evangelical and chauvinistic elements in the United States are coalescing into a new cosmos of extremists....

The cultural warriors of conservatism see the world thus: Health insurance for everyone is socialism. The right to have an abortion is mass murder. Environmental protection is dictatorship. Climate change is all a lie. But of course the military is sacrosanct, and the right to private weapons ownership is inviolable....
They wallow in a torrent of nonsense, in a fiery, hyper-patriotic, ultra-bizarre idiocy....The entire spectrum there is skewed to the right. It's a nation of people who dwell in a completely different reality. And they rant and they rave.

Of course, I take a much more moderate view of the American scene.
For instance, I would never call American politics "ultra-bizarre idiocy." I think it is no more than plain old "bizarre idiocy."
Posted by: Sandune

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/17/12 10:22 PM

Sadly Newman, this whole election nonsense comes down to the individual rights not of gays, racial minorities but of women.

I cannot think of a more stressful subject than how to enjoy a man's company; in my case, it was my husband and not some dude picked up at the beach. I did not start out being promiscuous at 14 like the girls are doing today. But the last thing in my mind was getting into trouble.

It was a time before birth control was secured. I was clever enough to discourage this action but after I was married, the fight was on! I learned that I no longer had a choice and after one painful miscarriage and two babies I was finished.

I had an doctor who I drove crazy with questions about hows not to get pregnant! I won't go into details but I pleaded with him to find a doctor who would sterilize me once and for all. I knew I would age prematurely and gain weight from added hormones. I might have been able to do this but it would take my husband's consent. He refused to give it.

I solved the problem and closed up shop and my husband took off with his secretary and promptly got her into trouble. After my divorce, birth control pills were possible and I started taking them. It was too late for my family to be saved.

This is where American women are now returning under these social conservative Republican candidates.....All of them! They want to make all women pay for the label of promiscuous females.

If anyone here has a problem with this, all they have to do is keep their pants zipped.

Posted by: NW Ponderer

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/17/12 11:30 PM

Ah, but don't joke about it, Sandy. That's what Senator Santorum's friend did, and now aspirin sales are up all over the south.
Posted by: rporter314

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/18/12 12:19 AM

wait a sec ... santorum claimed it was a bad joke ... so does that mean all those folks were punked? ... or are they simply idiots?
Posted by: Jeffery J. Haas

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/18/12 09:59 AM

The farmer's wife was clearly upset with the news from the doctor, pregnant
for the ninth time in as many years.
"Whut kin ah do doc, I cain't keep him off me!"

Several months later a healthy boy was delivered and scarcely another week went by when the farmer's wife was back in the office, determined that she would not get knocked up again.

The old country doctor thought for a spell, then said, "you tell your husband that you have a serious foot condition which requires that you put your feet in a ten gallon crock for the entire night, every night till I specify otherwise."

Six months later the wife was back, again obviously pregnant for the tenth time. "What the hell happened", demanded the doc, "didn't I tell you about that ten gallon crock?"

"We din't have no ten gallon crock so I had to use two five gallon crocks instead."
Posted by: Sandune

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/18/12 01:48 PM

For years Santorum has stated over and over that blocking any form of reproduction is bad for America. The religious right is now banning all forms of sterilization. It removed my membership in the GOP. Back in the early 50s women who worked in the jobs that men did was a big problem and many of us had to write up our list of how to take on the unwanted hands and the assaults in the elevators. If we worked after dark, we asked a Hughes Aircraft guard to walk us to our cars. Many of us wrote up the new rules for single women employees before they headed for their jobs.

It was obvious that men were pigs and sadly it took legislation to control their actions. Before we were married, my husband showed good respect until I signed the marriage certificate. That ended the respect and the beginning of blaming Eve for everything.

The Neanderthal gene is not far from the surface and women had to take their birth control for their own survival. I hated putting this crap in my body as it is unnatural. But another birth would have been unthinkable. My husband left a lot of children without any moral support or even financial support. My kids were the only ones who made it through college because I wanted it and he didn't.

I am one of millions of women who had to fight like hell to stop this breeding frenzy that came from the churches. It is another reason beautiful women like my mother married a gay man. The most attractive and successful men in the Palm Springs area are the gay ones. The old single slobs are church goers, uninterested in health issues and will bore the hell out of cats. I'm not even certain they bathe enough and there is no swing in their steps. They wander around looking for some woman who will iron their clothes and cook for them. Half of them could not perform if they had to.

I have a great social life and am involved in the music, theater, art shows and the promotion of the YMCA sports groups.

I regret that many here cannot understand the seriousness of birth control. It has an ugly sound but then so does flood control.
Posted by: NW Ponderer

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/18/12 05:07 PM

Oh, I take birth control, and other civil rights, quite seriously, Sandy. It's Rick Santorum I have a hard time taking seriously. The fact that he and his idiocy are still in the race scares the hell out of me. The fact that after 8 years of George Bush and the McCain/Palin ticket the Republican Party remains so clueless disheartens me. But, then, I hope for a complete Democratic sweep, so I must be a lunatic, too.
Posted by: Sandune

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/18/12 06:17 PM

NW Ponderer. You are absolutely correct about the GOP. I compare Santorum with Huckabee and although they speak the same language I could tolerate Huckabee in the White House. Huckabee is a lover of humanity and I would trust him in any condition of the White House. The GOP groups around here are angry and often quote Rush which shows me they have no real tribute to rights for anyone.

We must remember that it was Bush 43 that opened the election to the followers of Pat Robertson and there is no level of evil they will not tap into for a win. I fear the crusade is on for their once-in-a-lifetime chance at a Christian America. Huckabee would never approve of this. I also have an enormous respect for Rev. Al Sharpton who has all his marbles placed well and equally for all of us. I too will go Democratic Party all the way. I believe my grandfather would do the same thing. My grandfather was my early childhood trainer and I adored him. He taught me how to talk to the sea lions.

I heard Bob Reich speak on some show last night. A friend of mine gave him a fund raiser in her home in the Berkshires and she was pleased with the results. She knew I had done this for Reagan and I told her to relax and leave it up to Bob Reich. He is happily working at UC Berkeley and it fits him well. "Go Bears" is our family shout. My best friend's grandson is in his first year at University of Washington and loves it! He is a skier and fits into the world of the North West like a glove.
Posted by: Jeffery J. Haas

Re: Where Nonsense Becomes Truth - 02/23/12 07:58 AM

Sandy the difference is, if and when the Democratic Party DOES manage a full sweep, folks like myself will be after them with those much ballyhooed pitchforks, axes and torches to put the Fear of God in them lest they attempt another weak kneed prostration before their corporate pimps.

Republicans love to pretend that liberals want to silence them.
No such thing has happened in THIRTY FRIGGIN YEARS.
Nope, I want to hear the kind of lunacy that spews from people
like Santorum.

Yeah, I admit that my reaction usually goes something like:


But hey, it's cathartic and at least I know what they're thinking.
If they were to be silenced it would be the dumbest mistake liberals could make because it is folly to think they would stop planning and scheming
just because the liberal majority had stopped listening.

Nope, I want them close and closer, and very audible.
I WANT to know what they have to say.