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Voting - 08/22/19 07:21 PM

Apparently something like a total of 55% of our voting public actually votes. This is less than most other voting nations on the earth. Within that there are groups that vote and those who do not. Whites vote more than others, older folks vote more than everybody. Youth don't vote much. Hispanics and Asians vote less. Blacks vote less than whites. The rich vote more than anybody!

The simple fact is that the less a group votes the less the elected class pays attention to them (if you don't vote you WILL get screwed over!)

I believe that voting is a responsibility and should be mandatory. Those in high school should be told that if they don't vote they are screwed every day of school by somebody so they get it.

Here are some links (I had to research this so I thought I would share some):
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Re: Voting - 08/22/19 07:47 PM

This alone should have knocked some sense into a lot of people a long time ago.

Bu-u-u-u-ut you know, nobody wanted to take Paul Weyrich seriously back then. Is anyone taking him seriously now?
They better be.
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Re: Voting - 08/22/19 11:36 PM

I don't think we're going to have to worry about getting out the vote much come 2020. Democrats are outraged. Recession is coming. "The Chosen One" is growing more incoherent as time passes. Republicans have openly embraced racism....

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Re: Voting - 08/22/19 11:38 PM

Originally Posted By: Greger
I don't think we're going to have to worry about getting out the vote much come 2020. Democrats are outraged. Recession is coming. "The Chosen One" is growing more incoherent as time passes. Republicans have openly embraced racism....


Nope, I can't go along with that because it invites complacency and couch sitting instead of voting.

Bloodbath? Landslide?
Hey dude, from your mouth to God's ear and hopefully it will also be an object lesson to the establishment, your time on Mt. Olympus is over.

But I will never publicly state that I think it's going to be a landslide or a bloodbath.
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Re: Voting - 08/23/19 04:22 AM

I actually expect it to be close, because voters are divided pretty evenly by party. But the anti Trump vote is going to be unstoppable and I expect it to flip the senate(if Warren or Sanders get the nom)
But I agree with you about voters becoming complacent, a lot of things happened in the run up to the 2016 election, but the biggest factor in Clinton's loss was nothing more than complacency. Everybody knew she was gonna win. There was no fire in their bellies.

I'm taking a shIteload of factors into consideration with this "bloodbath" prediction. I'm even dovetailing it into the earlier "trainwreck" forecast. If we see an economic downturn before November of 2020 then it's going to turn into a perfect storm for Democrats. Trainwreck meet Bloodbath.
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Re: Voting - 08/23/19 06:34 PM

Lesson from the recent past, do not put one's trust in polls they will be wrong. That is how we got what we got.
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I don't trust polls at all. As long as polling involves telephones their accuracy is out the window. It's up to the pollsters to get into the new century and improve their methods.
That's why I think Biden's lead in the polls is misleading.
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Re: Voting - 08/23/19 08:44 PM

I just wish the dems would backoff all the promises. Its becoming abundantly clear that the economy is going to fail next year. Trump has fixed it so that the annual deficit is going to be more than a trillion for the foreseeable future. All of this means that everything is lining up for another Democratic win. History teaches us that this is how Democrats take over. It also teaches us that the main job will be to fix the economy and put people back to work. As soon as they accomplish that, of course, they will be removed from office so that the people who caused the economic problems can get in there and do it again.

I hope is that, if the Dems do take over, this time they will not be so damned kindly and civilized but, instead, blame Republicans, out loud, that the problems are REPUBLICAN problems because that is what Republicans do. They spend and screw up the economy and that costs people their jobs and makes for messes they have to clean up and, normally, that will also result in higher taxes to take care of the Republican debt and, this time, its gonna be a doozy.

I also find it interesting that the Dems have been almost silent about the simple fact that the Trillion dollar deficit is because of the Republican trillion dollar givaway to the very rich by way of the "tax cut". One would have thought they would have beating that drum every 2 minutes.

I know, I have beat the hell out of this dead horse but it really needs to be said. On reflection, when Obama was first running for president, I don't remember a single Democrat mentioning that this was yet another instance where Democrats were going to be expected to fix yet another Republican debacle.

This time, hopefully, the Dems will point this little fact out with vigor.