Disaster and the Party of Lemmings

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Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/05/20 07:38 PM

Lemmings are cute. They look like fat, oversized gerbils. I love gerbils. But, lemmings have a reputation, only partially deserved (although, generally correct). Lemmings, it turns out, are vicious. They are agressive and remarkably stubborn. They will fight to their death regardless of the untenability of their position. Every four years, or so, lemmings embark on a remarkable odyssey. They migrate en masse, driven by some internal urge that science cannot explain, heedless of dangers or self-preservation, and every four years they senselessly die in untold numbers because they eventually drown in the sea to the west, exhausted by their insatiable urge to conform.

So too, Republicans. On an individual basis they may initially appear cute and harmless, like fat, funny, laughable gerbils. But, they are secretly vicious, and pursue policies that are aggressive, stubborn and driven by some internal urge that scientist are only now beginning to understand. They will pursue these policies regardless of the untenability of their positions, the evidence of science, or circumstances of the outside world. For example, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Republican Governors, the President, and numerous posters here, have been remarkably unwilling to acknowledge the reality that surrounds them and take sensible action to forestall disaster, heedless of dangers or self-preservation. It is really quite remarkable.

All 8 Governors who have so far refused to enact any social restrictions are Republicans as have been the last recent holdouts. There is not scientific explanation for this behavior, except stubborn adherence to inapplicable party mantras. The President, despite months of warnings and observable conditions refused to acknowledge the existence of the pandemic, or take any effective steps to prepare for or counter its effects, even mild ones. Even now he is pursuing policies that are prescribed by party ideology even though they are obviously inapplicable, insisting on "free market solutions" that are driving up the costs of necessary supplies, and forcing States and others to compete for dwindling resources, and refusing to use the "big government" to help the citizenry, or the States, which United, make up the nation.

And no mistake, while the virus is a natural phenomenon, the disaster which is unfolding is entirely a creation of Republican fetishes. [url="https://www.propublica.org/article/us-emergency-medical-stockpile-funding-unprepared-coronavirus"]How Tea Party Budget Battles Left the National Emergency Medical Stockpile Unprepared for Coronavirus[/url] (Pro Publica). The H1N1 pandemic of 2009 had demonstrated the efficacy of the national stockpile. And a 2010 [url="https://www.astho.org/Programs/Infectious-Disease/H1N1/H1N1-Barriers-Project-Report-Final-hi-res/"]report[/url] funded by the CDC urged the federal government to treat public health preparedness “on par with federal and state funding for other national security response capabilities,” and said that its store of N95 masks should be “replenished for future events.”

Cut, cut, cut, cut, cut, no matter what, no matter the consequences. No big government, no funding, no safety nets, no preparation, no reaction. That is the Republican way. It's not just Trump. It is the entire idiotic, irresponsible, nativist, un-American, reactionary, thoughtless party. I could go on, but there are character limits to posts.

We now know what drowning in a bathtub feels like.
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Re: Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/06/20 11:53 PM

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Re: Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/07/20 06:10 PM

The Republican problems, as far as I can tell, is that those that have been elected, by Republicans, seem to have one thing in their minds - utter fear of their dear leader the Jackass Trump. The results are easy to see, they all need direction of that same dear leader. The problem is that the dear leader himself doesn't have the backbone to actually make any decisions himself! Currently his main drive is to have newsies address him with admiration and love - he just needs to be loved!

This means that the dear leader will do just about anything to not do anything. He is given a LOT of advice from those who actually have knowledge and the will to do the right thing but that would take a backbone. The dear leader Trump doesn't have that. His solution is simple, ignore anybody with half a mind and assign those tasks to them that spend half their time kissing the royal ass of said dear leader and also agree with him who is unable to function. I am beginning to repeat but, ITS REALLY FREAKING AMAZING!

It gets even better! Over 40% of the American voting public also support their dear leader the Jackass Trump. They not only support him but virtually adore him! They have joined up with a crazy person who has demonstrated, almost daily, that his mind belongs to whoever tells him what he agrees to. Since he has several of those around all the time he tends to agree with any number of loony tunes. One can go on and on but.........

My current terror remains the simple fact that the Democrats, so far, have not really demonstrated any will to actually beat Trump in the next election. The supposed candidate, Biden, appears in public, maybe, once a week on tv because of the charity of a tv show host - that's it! Trump is tooting his horn EVERY DAY! I can remember when Hillary ran. My wife was working hard for the local Democratic party, She noticed that the town was full of Trump signs but there were no Hillary signs. She also noticed that the local Democratic office had piles of them lying around. She said she would put some up and they said, fine, they cost 20 bucks each! (THIS REALLY HAPPENED!) After expressing her disgust she walked out. She was told that came from the State Dems and they were told to do that by the national leadership) I know, Hillary lost because of bad 'advice' but it went a LOT deeper than that! Now we are trying to beat Trump again. As far as I can tell the Dems have not, so far, demonstrated that they have changed even a little bit. They sure as hell are not demonstrating any real opposition to the Trump parade.

What they do, right now, is beg for money for who knows what, have absolutely no campaign to beat Trump, and whine a lot. I gotta say - its a bit offensive, just for starters. Its even stranger than that. They are also terrified of the far left Bernie supporters and Bernie himself. They are also trying to control who runs for what with, as far as I can tell, with little else than cronyism to support whatever it is that they are doing. I have a wife who has been a lifelong Democrat who could have been a delegate to the last convention and is active. I have a sister who is in the same state in California. My wife refuses to talk about it at all and is pretty disgusted and my sister has similar feelings. This does not leave me real happy right now.

I seriously hope that I have no idea of what is happening and am dead wrong. I wish us all good luck..........
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Re: Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/07/20 06:24 PM

Funny...I get a lot of spam email but never a single one from politicians. Kamala Harris begged me for money but eventually she went away and there are no current beggars in my inbox.
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Re: Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/07/20 06:33 PM

Uhhh...about those signs? I am extremely pleased to see fewer of them on the roadsides and on lawns. And I'm pleased that they won't be clogging up landfills and littering highways. Perhaps toilet paper can be made from those dead trees?
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Re: Disaster and the Party of Lemmings - 04/08/20 06:05 PM

Well, there were all those Republican/Trump signs............

Oh, after the election the local Democratic party took them ALL to the dump.