seattle - capital hill autonomous zone

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seattle - capital hill autonomous zone - 06/22/20 07:43 PM

Here Wikipedia on the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone. That was the easiest way I could find to explain it. This was, basically, started by a bunch of marchers over the death of George Floyd. So far there have been only two shootings and one deadly. The people that live there are being constantly harassed and fear for their lives. The police cannot go there without danger, and they actually stopped an ambulance trying to save one of the shooting victims. My daughter, and a friend, bicycled there yesterday - they do not plan on going back. It is, apparently, a "olly olly oxen free" sort of place where the children get to act out and, pretty much, do what they damned please. Currently it seems their goal is to shoot one another. It covers a whole 6 blocks which includes one park. When its finally all over I have no idea what its going to cost to clean it up but its not gonna be cheap. There are also people that live there who are starting to sue Seattle. The Seattle mayor, just turned this area over to the marchers who, in turn, has turned it into pure chaos. Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is, basically, what happens when nobody is really in charge but many that think they are in charge.

Eventually its gonna have to get shut down and cleaned up. I think the problem is doing that without killing people. Its a really great example of how to take a cause (BLM and justice) and turn it to mud, piss a LOT of people off, lose direction, and possibly get us all another 4 more years of Trump. It is, in other words, A shame......

They tried to start another one in Portland, Ore and were immediately shut down. The difference is that the Seattle mayor seems to spend a LOT of time wringing her hands whilst the Portland mayor didn't screw around.

I don't think there is much else to say about this one. You can google it and there are a LOT of replies. If nothing else it is somewhat educational.
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Re: seattle - capital hill autonomous zone - 06/23/20 05:36 PM

Yeah. Protesters need to go home, they've made their point for now.

Officials need time to address how they can best create change. Pulling down more statues isn't going to speed the process up.
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Re: seattle - capital hill autonomous zone - 06/23/20 07:26 PM

I think the autonomous zone is an excellent example of going too far. ALL political systems do this, its what they do and one of the reasons for regulations and agreements within the political world itself. When one group goes too far its up to the rest to calm them down and this is one of the problems throughout politics. Right now, for instance, as far as I can tell, the mayor of Seattle, who I watched last night is trying, very hard, to solve the problem with no battles. That's her side, the other side is gearing up for a fight and think they are going to win. They will, of course, if the mayor does it half assed not daring to offend the offenders. If, however, she goes in the with the overwhelming power, that she has at her disposal, I suspect the occupying warriors will cave rather quickly. On the other hand, if they don't ...........

As far as I can tell from history, political parties fail when they go too far and don't correct. This is why we had a civil war! The right refused to change and their stance caused most of the whigs to transfer to the 'new' Republican party. What is interesting is that they just might be doing it again! There is a saying that goes something like; "Change or die" and the Republicans just might be at that stage. Add in their unwillingness to change, adhere to "my way or the highway", etc, So far those that accept some change have formed as a group of Republicans but, eventually, as the existing too far Republicans keep insisting they are right and the world is wrong, and adherents continue to leave, the current group of anti-Republican Republicans just move to form a more congenial, willing to agree sometimes, differently named party.

Its gonna get real interesting if Trump doesn't win - THEN we should get the opportunity to watch them try to figure it out, or not, in which case.............