House Legislation

Posted by: jgw

House Legislation - 05/23/19 06:11 PM

I thought I had posted this but, I guess not. This is a complete list of house legislation up to yesterday. I had to have my rep's staff compile it as, evidently, the Dems have not bothered to tell anybody what they have actually been doing. Took them 2 weeks to get it together - biggest address I have ever seen!

Something like 248 pieces of legislation!!!!!!!


Posted by: Jeffery J. Haas

Re: House Legislation - 05/23/19 11:48 PM

Thank you for this, stealing and sharing.
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Re: House Legislation - 05/24/19 09:26 PM

I still can't figure out why they are keeping it a secret! There is good stuff here and kinda demonstrates what they are trying to do. All TV says is "the house has pass some legislation" maybe once a week. There are 249 pieces of legislation! The Republicans have, basically, shut down the senate. Very odd?
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Re: House Legislation - 07/29/19 06:24 PM

There are a lot of options - here are a couple of them:

Here are two lists, the first is legislation passed and now law.

The second - all legislation, passed by House, for 2019-2020 so far (362)

passed by Senate (24)

I forgot one thing. The sites above are all from The three I posted were examples of what is possible as that site has provided a LOT of options!