Here we go again!

Posted by: jgw

Here we go again! - 09/30/19 07:27 PM

Here we go again. More hearings, more administration refusals, more promises, more threats (from both sides). You Know, the same old stuff from both sides. The Republicans will be spending millions on lies that a pile of people will believe (its on TV!) The dems will probably continue to prove their inability to get anything actually done.

I hope, yet again, that I am going to be wrong. The tip off will begin when they start throwing folks in jail and fining them up to 100,000.00 for not doing what they should have. Another tip off would be the Dems going directly to the supremes for approval of their rights to administrative information. My wife says that supremes are now part of the righteous right. I say that may, or may not be true, but it would be better to know than to fear that may be true and do nothing.

After watching Lewandowski's snarky and completely offensive appearance, and the obviously inability of the Dems to do a damn thing about it one would think the Dems would either get the message and give up or grow a pair and fight back with powers that they actually have. If they decide to turn something over to the courts then goto the SUPREME court directly and get it done! It might also be a grand idea that they stop explaining, over and over, what bad things Trump has done and start referring to crimes being committed. You know, little things like Bribery, Extortion, Fraud, Intimidation, Etc. Force the Republicans to mention what they did, stick with the crimes!

Oh, one last, if they are going to have hearings, whilst continuing their feckless ways, then I would also suggest that they should end such public demonstrations of weakness and do it in closed hearings. Instead they could do the Republican thing, refer to these closed hearings as incredibly important, make extravagant claims, and just move on.
Posted by: Jeffery J. Haas

Re: Here we go again! - 09/30/19 10:01 PM

That is actually very sound advice. :applaud:
Posted by: jgw

Re: Here we go again! - 10/02/19 07:48 PM

Thank you!

Unfortunately yet another exercise in wishful thinking (but professional grade!)