The Unmasking of Michael Flynn

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The Unmasking of Michael Flynn - 05/30/20 03:53 PM

To promote the Obamagate double-distraction—this phony scandal is meant to draw attention from Trump’s inept response to the coronavirus pandemic and from Russia’s attack on the 2016 election, which was mounted to help Trump—Trump and Co. called for the release of highly classified intelligence documents that would supposedly confirm Flynn was unmasked as part of an anti-Trump plot waged by outgoing Obama officials. On cue, then-acting Director of National Intelligence and ardent Trump partisan Richard Grenell released documents related to the unmasking. They showed no conspiracy against Flynn. That release, though, opened the door to a much more profound disclosure.


But what is most scandalous and damning in these transcripts is what Flynn did not say.


Trump and his henchmen let Putin get away with it. That’s what Flynn was doing during his conversations with Kislyak. He was dealing with the Russians as if there had been no attack. He was abandoning his obligation to defend the United States from foreign assault—as Trump has done. No doubt, Trump and his amen chorus will continue to argue about the details of Flynn’s legal case and insist, without evidence, that he was framed by an evil Obama cabal. But in a way, that’s a sideshow. Flynn’s fundamental transgression is much larger and deeper than his lies to the FBI gumshoes. The transcripts, released due to Trump’s bogus Obamagate chase, show a darker reality: Flynn double-crossed American democracy.

- Mother Jones
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Here are the transcripts:

Oh, I should also mention that the court ordered the calls released. Apparently you can also find those calls on the net too. Another is that this, and other recent court actions tend to negate the thought that Trump now owns the courts. Its kindofa "good try but no cigar" kindofa thing?
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The calls were PERFECT. super duper PERFECT. more PERFECT than PERFECT.
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“Beautiful”, I believe, is preferably woven together with the truly descriptive “Perfect”

i.e. “The calls were perfect! They were just beautiful! Never have there been more perfectly beautiful calls, except for my own, which are, they tell me, bigly perfect and really, really very beautiful. They tell me: ‘Sir, your calls are so perfect and beautiful, it’s truly an honor to have you as president.’ I don’t know, it’s what they tell me wherever I go.”