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#210620 - 01/26/12 12:27 AM Re: French involvement in Ameican revolution [Re: Ted Remington]
numan Offline

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Sir William Howe

One of the obstacles hindering Howe in effectively conducting the war was in the person of Lord George Germain. Germain was a bizarre personality of history, and an understanding of Germain and his background is necessary to understand some of the problems Howe faced both in England and America....George III...appointed him Secretary of State for the American colonies in 1775....Germain stumbled through his new position of coordinating the American war effort, and each blunder had a direct impact on Howe and his strategy. As Secretary for America, he was completely ignorant of American geography and the character of the colonists. One of his worst faults, as far as English military efforts in America were concerned, was his propensity to tie down his field commanders by issuing minute directions. Exacerbating this proclivity, he repeatedly issued exact orders, but failed to provide adequate reinforcements to carry them out. Germain also utterly failed to act as an efficient communication junction between field commanders by not coordinating multiple battle plans. He often bypassed theater commanders and wrote directly to their subordinate officers, issuing confusing or contradicting orders. Underscoring all this was the fact that brave and honorable men in the field found it difficult to serve under him....Germain was a typical maladroit, who contributed his fair share to the disaster, but was never remiss in criticizing others for their failures. Thus, a good amount of the criticism of Howe that surfaced during and after the war was orchestrated by Germain to cover his own blunderous performance....He knew all along of the conflicting plans, but did nothing to coordinate the effort between the two until it was too late. Germain wrote to Howe no less than eight times between March and April, and in not one letter did he refer to Sir William joining Burgoyne.

Lord Germain must have been a bureaucratic ancestor of Sir Humphrey Appleby!! ∑ ∑ wink
The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools -- Herbert Spencer

#210623 - 01/26/12 12:29 AM Re: French involvement in Ameican revolution [Re: Ted Remington]
numan Offline

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The 1st Viscount Sackville even looks like Sir Humphrey Appleby!!

∑ ∑ ∑ grin
The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools -- Herbert Spencer

#210624 - 01/26/12 12:35 AM Re: French involvement in American revolution [Re: pdx rick]
Ozymanithrax Offline

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Originally Posted By: california rick
Originally Posted By: Ozymanithrax
A good source to the German Mercenaries hired by the British.

...just like the US hired Blackwater mercenaries for the Iraq war. Wasn't it nice that the US government could hire mercenaries to fight with US armed forces in the takeover of a country?

Isn't everyone proud of the way the U.S. government spent our taxpayer money: $4 trillion dollars and nearly 5,000 American lives and over 100,000 Iraqi lives were wasted all for the "humanitarian reasons" outlined by the Bush Administration because Sadam was such a meanie.

Finanical Source

Rick, every European nation, at the time, hired mercenaries. It was simply how wars were fought. The Colonist didn't because they were short of cash. That shouldn't be surprising. Most insurgancies work on a shoestring budget.
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