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#228597 - 07/12/12 03:42 AM Re: The ACA is Constitutional!!! [Re: NW Ponderer]
pdx rick Offline

Registered: 05/09/05
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Loc: Puget Sound, WA
Originally Posted By: NW Ponderer
and the f'n judge gets a 6 figure salary no matter how incompetent.


Same could be said of Geitner and Bernanke. wink
Contrarian, extraordinaire

#228636 - 07/12/12 12:59 PM Re: The ACA is Constitutional!!! [Re: NW Ponderer]
NW Ponderer Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/09/11
Posts: 17387
Originally Posted By: NW Ponderer
I am going to make a bold prediction -...I think that with the SCOTUS blessing, opposition to the ACA will drop below 50% before the Summer is over.

Well... Kaiser Health Tracking Poll: Early Reaction to Supreme Court Decision on the ACA
This poll fielded following the Supreme Court’s decision upholding the heart of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) finds a majority of Americans (56 percent) now say they would like to see the law’s detractors stop their efforts to block its implementation and move on to other national problems.

Democrats overwhelmingly say opponents should move on to other issues (82 percent), as do half (51 percent) of independents and a quarter (26 percent) of Republicans. But, seven in ten Republicans (69 percent) say they want to see efforts to stop the law continue, a view shared by 41 percent of independents and 14 percent of Democrats.
I have found other polls with similar findings.
A well reasoned argument is like a diamond: impervious to corruption and crystal clear - and infinitely rarer.

Here, as elsewhere, people are outraged at what feels like a rigged game -- an economy that won't respond, a democracy that won't listen, and a financial sector that holds all the cards. - Robert Reich

#228657 - 07/12/12 03:24 PM Re: The ACA is Constitutional!!! [Re: NW Ponderer]
rporter314 Offline

Registered: 03/18/03
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Loc: Highlands, Tx
I think the polling opposition to ACA has been more to the mischaracterization that conservatives purvey than to the actually bill/law ... when polling questions refer to components of bill/law people were in favor

so while we, i think knew all along that the dems were i favor, now see current polling confirming the obvious, we can now see independents have climbed aboard, but for your prediction to have some meat i think another 30% of republican/conservatives against ACA will have to change their mind

just saying ... for the 50% prediction to be on mark
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty
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#229111 - 07/14/12 06:28 PM Re: The ACA is Constitutional!!! [Re: NW Ponderer]
Lillibet Offline

Registered: 12/19/05
Posts: 2262
Loc: Chicago, Illinois
Originally Posted By: NW Ponderer
and the f'n judge gets a 6 figure salary no matter how incompetent.
We try not to think about that particular "i" word in my field. If lawyers concentrated on it, the level of depression and despair would be way higher than it is admitted to be.

At the same time, I make the judge's work easy. He earns his six figures if he reads my brief and all the cases. When I write a brief, I generally weight the document with so many cases that are on my side, the judges tend to go my way, likely because their clerks just want to stop reading the 45-60 cited cases in a 25 page document.

As a result, I have been told by judges that I make their work easy. They have to go along with my position because there is simply not enough out there to allow a different opinion. I also tell clients that when they are seeking a result that the law simply will not allow, they have to take the case and go home. I don't go out and manufacture law to meet facts that are contrary to statute or case law.

For such work, I have received something around $2.28 per hour in the last year. Actually, it's less. But, like the "i" word, I just can't go there and keep my head from falling off in despair.

Now, if I could only get one of those bonus checks from an insurance exec. I could be living on easy street. My shoulder somehow dislocated or the fractures slipped around after a bus ride that proved there are not less than eight, wheel bending, axle breaking potholes on the road near my home that are mandatory to hit. There are another 15 or so that are optional. I guess it's more important to bail out banksters and fraudsters than to repair roads. We know that the legal system is failing because judge bribing has fallen off a lot. In Chicago, we also know this isn't an election year because the roads are so much worse for wear.
"I am young, whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy." ~~~ Kato Havas

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