via SF Chronicle

National Review ran a fictitious story about a 9-year-old being suspended from school for saying "Merry Christmas" to an atheist teacher. And for that special bit of verisimilitude, the National Review gave their fictitious school a name that was conveniently close to the name of a real school in San Francisco. (Ha! Ha!)

The story was about "Argon Elementary School in San Francisco, CA," which as it happens, if you search "Argon Elementary School in San Francisco," one of the top results is Argonne Elementary School in San Francisco!!

The National Report story has since been changed, renaming the school as “Anon Elementary School,” which is pretty darn funny right there. But once the story hit the Wingnuttospher™ - as it was designed to do - the school's switchboard began receiving angry calls from defenders of Christmas - including some threats of violence against the nonexistent teacher, not to mention a lot of angry emails and angry letters to the real principal.

Hey! Just harmless fun! (Ha! Ha! Ha!)

This is an excellent reminder to not believe everything that you read online. Consider this a public service message.

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