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Are you enjoying your well-deserved 74% raise this year? So is Jaime Dimon because share prices at JP Morgan Chase have increased and this is the only thing that really matters, apparently. Did JP Morgan, under Jamie Dimonís watch, preside over a global financial crisis, enable Bernie Madoff to conduct a years-long pyramid scheme, rack up billions of dollars in fines due to a multi-billion dollar trading fiasco executed by the so-called "London Whale," along with earning what may be the largest fine in the history of American financial regulation? Did JP Morgan Chase also engage in reckless manipulation of energy prices and silver prices, launder money for drug cartels, and break securities laws in mortgage deals? Yes, JP Morgan Chase definitely did many of these things and probably did most of them, but this just means that Jamie Dimon was able to see the bank through 'a difficult period' and thus deserves said 74% raise and that well-deserved tongue-bath from a Senate Investigation Committee a few years back.

The moral of this story: crime does not pay, unless you are a very rich white man in charge of a global financial institution, in which case crime pays very handsomely.

The End.

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