I was watching the news and Syria is a pretty hot topic. There are the John McCain folk - send in the military!
There are the humanitarians - feel real bad and whine about it.
There are the bureaucrats - lets have meetings and conferences.

I wonder if anybody has considered that it would seem that all the world's terrorists are moving into that area. Last figure I heard quoted was that there are at least 1200 different Islamist organization trying to take over/save/wreck that nation. They also all seem to be at war with each other. I feel bad for the real Syrians but.....

We have at least 1200 terrorist organizations trying, very hard, to kill one another. We are working very hard to remove the civilians out of harms way but, just the same - 1200 TERRORIST organizations are working hard at killing one another! If you think about it I suspect you might figure out that this is not an entirely bad thing?

I am against war. Seems to me, except in very isolated instances, which we have not experienced for at least 30 years, its a complete waste of time, lives, and treasure. Our recent, and ongoing, efforts are failures. Victory is a moving target and is rarely even defined so its intelligible. The only real unfortunate thing is that there is not a way to encapsulate physical war zones, seal them off, wish them all luck, and go back in 10 or 20 years to see what happened. Its also obvious that our leadership is somehow entranced with a huge military, big contract, and LOTS of expenditure. Afghanistan, its said, is a 4 to 6 TRILLION dollar operation and I don't think anybody either understands or feels good about the outcome of that one.

I am also against starving children, civilians being bombed and killed, etc. (just thought I would add that in so nobody things my thoughts are in favor of misery, etc)