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This Leeland Yee thing has "Best Picture" written all over it: "Corruption," "being in the Chinese mob," and also something about Freemasons.

The Escapistģ has decided that Yee is like a character from Grand Theft Auto, which works nicely with his previous attempt to ban the sale of violent videogames to minors. San Francisco Magazine thinks Lee is more like Clay Davis from The Wire. Personally, I think that Lee is like some kind of Coen Brothers character. All Lee needs is a good talking-to and told just what an idiot he's been, all for some money.

I confess that I haven't read every single word of the 137-page FBI affidavit in this case, but itís pretty wild stuff!! Let's look at some highlights!

(Please add your casting, screenwriter, and director suggestions to your replies.)

The bulk of the affidavit covers a broader gang investigation, so itís mostly backstory, unless we're talking about a multi-season story arc which would frankly be great TV for a high-quality cable series about Raymond "Shrimp Boy" Chow, the head of the Ghee Kung Tong crime organization, based in San Franciscoís Chinatown.

Also too, there's an undercover guy pretending to be Mafioso, gun-running from the Philippines, drop shipments to the Newark, New Jersey port (...because Bay Area's Newark, CA is just too close to all of Yee's action) of all sorts of marvelous toys, like fully-automatic assault rifles, and, sure, why not, shoulder-fired missiles and rockets, too. (That's some dope Soprano stuff in Chris Christie turf, Yo!)

Other FBI agents got in on the act as well, including one who posed as the owner of a medical marijuana business in Arizona and paid Lee $21,000 to arrange a meeting with another state senator who could help influence marijuana laws in California.

West coasters should just leave organized crime to the east coasters - east coasters just have more of a flair for it.

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