The other night I was watching the tv news. This is, currently, all about Trump and pretty much covers all sides. then I starting thinking about republicans and democrats. If you watch the news closely you will see that the Republicans have consistently stuck to their insistence that things are bad to terrible on all fronts. The democrats, on the other hand, take the opposite tack.

The gloom and doom Republicans, basically, lie about their claims of doom and gloom. Unemployment is VERY low, crime is, pretty much at an all time low, etc. On the democratic side they do, occasionally, mention that things are not all bad but not with anywhere the consistency of the Republicans who tend to march in lockstep with consistency. The interesting thing is that this has been going on for about 30 years. Hillary, for instance, has been getting wrecked, by the right, for more than 30 years and I cannot think of a single incident where she questioned any of the accusations. Instead she choose to be above all that bad. During the last 30 years the entire left, as far as I can tell, has simply ignored what they evidently consider lies and wrong information from the right.

The results of this strange dichotomy is that the Republicans have, basically, convinced at least half of the population that the sky is falling and they are the only ones who can fix it and they are constantly, and consistently, on the attack. The dems, on the other hand, seem to subscribe to the 'things are no bad and everybody knows that so why talk about it?" strategy. Their main theme seems to be that regulation is good and more regulation is better and its a terrible shame that the Republicans are so unwilling to help them out.

So, if the left is going to stand even a vague chance of some kind of victory I would suggest that they start fighting for their side. If things are really better than NEVER miss a chance to point it out. If they find something wrong then talk about it! There are a few Dems that are fighting back but not with the lock step power of the right, that never misses an opportunity. If the Dems are going to survive they have take charge of the Democratic party. This includes dealing with those who are not members of the party who feel they have a right to tell the Democratic party how to do anything/everything. If they are to accomplish this then they must get together themselves. Right now they are, if nothing else, a splintered group of folks without a consistent message living on past glories whilst, at the same time, fighting with the Bernie folk, who, it turns out, didn't vote but think they are in charge anyway.

We should never forget the Hitler law. That goes something like; if you lie make it a big one and repeated it, over, and over, and over again - until it becomes the perceived truth. The Republican learned this a long time ago and have, pretty much, proved the truth of the Hitler law. This is especially true when they have nobody calling them everytime they do it. The results are clear; there is no climate change, government is incompetent in all things, we are hated world wide, our education stinks and is the worst in the world, the left is responsible for all the debt, science is a waste of money, there are terrorists behind every lampost, all Muslims are bad, etc, etc., etc. Half the nation actually believes this crap! (and I believe that the left is, in large part, responsible).

Just saying ..............