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Mr. Nammo immediately derides, for example, "liberals" having "traditional values." The only "traditional values" acceptable to his mindset are the "moral values" of being anti-abortion, anti-gay, pro-free markets, and pro-capitalism, and Christian. (These are all taken directly from his article, I'm not putting words in his mouth.) - None of which, I note, appear anywhere in the Constitution or other founding documents. Apparently, tolerance, freedom of worship, union, general welfare, community, acceptance, cooperation - which do - are not "values".

These are the "values" of the CONservative / Trump supporters that I see on other blogs / sites as well. Hmm

There is a great divide in this country over "values." Seriously, I really think we need a divorce from these people and we all go our seperate ways. We're never going to agree. Hmm

I know they can't stand me, and I certainly can't stand them. smile
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