Bill Shaikin
Los Angeles Times
May 3, 2017

For a franchise that has been so successful in Los Angeles, the Dodgers’ 10 retired numbers speak largely to a Brooklyn heritage. On the day the Dodgers retired his microphone alongside those numbers — and perhaps for the last time at Dodger Stadium — Vin Scully told stories of the Boys of Summer.

“Those numbers are not numbers at all,” Scully said Wednesday. “I can hear them. I really can.” ...

In a pregame ceremony, [Tommy] Lasorda and Sandy Koufax unveiled Scully’s blue and white circle along what the Dodgers now call their “ring of honor,” with “VIN SCULLY” atop a microphone. Scully was the first addition to the ring since the Dodgers retired [Don] Sutton’s number in 1998...