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#301589 - 06/09/17 08:59 PM False Flag Indicators
matthew Offline

Registered: 03/24/16
Posts: 256
False Flag Indicators

The perpetrators have had recent arrests and have gotten very lenient sentences for what they were charged with.

The government has been warned of the attack and done nothing to stop it.

Eyewitness accounts differ on key details from the official version.

The perpetrators don't go to trial (dead or escape).

Key video is hidden. Still pictures, which are often grainy or unclear are released to support the official story.

The perpetrators are tied to Moslem Extremists.

The perpetrators are identified in record time.

Dropped identification of the perpetrators is found.

DNA from the perpetrators is found in too many places and is run through lab tests in record time to make an identification.

New laws or military action take place as a result of the event.

The event receives an abnormal amount of press coverage.

The event and perpetrators are set up to cause conflict between several different religious, ethnic or sexual orientation groups.

An unbelievable hero story is released by the press on day two, usually accompanied by a gofundme account.

A manifesto is released by the perpetrators.

A drill is taking place at or near the event at the same time.

The US Government gives an incredible amount of money to the victims families.

The victims in hospitals miraculously heal and disappear in record time. The hospitals provide no update or 'one' large press conference is given to discuss the progress of their imaginary patients.

Little to no amateur cell phone video footage of the event is released.

The perpetrators have recently disappeared for at least two months.

Former military members play key roles in the event in some way.

Federal agencies are on the scene in record time and numbers that would not normally be possible In a short time period without prior knowledge.

Federal agencies take over the scene even though it is an event not normally under their jurisdiction.

Footage from other events is passed off as actual video from this event.

Unverifiable social media posts pop up immediately after the event to point the finger at the perpetrators.
Once, weapons were manufactured to fight wars; today, wars are manufactured to sell weapons

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of Americans

#301591 - 06/09/17 10:03 PM Re: False Flag Indicators [Re: matthew]
matthew Offline

Registered: 03/24/16
Posts: 256
I predict that, now that the British elections are over, there will be a long period where the so-called "terrorism" of the past couple of months will cease and Britain will be quiet --- until the British Deep State has another reason to make people hysterical again.

Of course, the draconian laws curtailing individual freedom and privacy will remain.
Once, weapons were manufactured to fight wars; today, wars are manufactured to sell weapons

No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of Americans


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