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#301785 - 06/19/17 11:16 PM On Confirmation Bias (or why facts don't matter)
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The human understanding, once it has adopted opinions, either because they were already accepted and believed, or because it likes them, draws everything else to support and agree with them. And though it may meet a greater number and weight of contrary instances, it will, with great and harmful prejudice, ignore or condemn or exclude them by introducing some distinction, in order that the authority of those earlier assumptions may remain intact and unharmed.
–Francis Bacon, Novum Organum, 1620
"You can't fix a problem until you understand what the problem is." Logtroll

#301791 - 06/20/17 05:13 AM Re: On Confirmation Bias (or why facts don't matter) [Re: logtroll]
jgw Offline

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The problem is how we see whatever. Another way to talk about that its very important how we 'perceive' the world. This is called perception and its personal. The United States has run off perception for a very long time. I can remember a time when there was concern for this one but that passed. Now, however, there is a very good chance that its all come home to roost. I should add that perception can be true but the fact is, obviously, that sometimes its not. Another way to say it is that sometimes our perceptions are fact and, sometimes, fantasy and these days I am not convinced we can actually know the difference.

#301794 - 06/20/17 01:30 PM Re: On Confirmation Bias (or why facts don't matter) [Re: logtroll]
rporter314 Offline
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from another thread, xspkr Gingrich said it best, the facts don't matter but the perception of facts do, or feelings are just as valid as facts .... and we could probably go on

the reality is most folks do not use facts to make decisions anyway, just listen to some of the "common folk" who do cable news forums

I can't speak for other folks but for the most part I have probably arrived at fewer conclusions on political issues than other folks. I think the reason is fairly clear, we base analysis on certain fundamental principles and conservatives and liberals have a different set of premises to work with ergo they derive different and many time diametrical opposite conclusions. Thus I can not say my conclusions are better than someone elses, but I can say they are different. I think as long as everyone uses a logical process to derive their conclusion we are left with different views based on different set of fundamental premises.

However there are some things which do not depend on personal assumptions and for these issues a straightforward analysis should provide a framework to derive arbitrarily reasonable conclusions or answers. For partisans when the answers do not comport with reality, they throw the facts away and snuggle up with idiot-ology.
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty

#301811 - 06/21/17 09:53 PM Re: On Confirmation Bias (or why facts don't matter) [Re: logtroll]
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
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Loc: Port Angeles, WA
I have said this before and I still think its right. The left believes that people are not naturally good and capable of making decisions in their own best interest.
This also means people need regulation and rules.

The right, on the other hand, believe that people will always make the best decision, in their own best interest, if allowed. This is, basically, what they call freedom and why they are constantly talking about freedom.

The problem is that they are both, basically, right (there are points on both sides). The problem is that they both tend to go too far. In a perfect world the two sides can sit down and discuss what they want, and how to accomplish it (find their points of agreement). The trick is to not be greedy for your side and, again in a perfect world, they should agree on what they can agree on and save the rest for later. This is not a perfect world (obviously).

I guess I should add that, now, both sides seem to be at sea, obviously confused, upset, and playing that old game; "my way or the highway" <sigh>


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