Kieron Moore
Screen Rant
July 13, 2017

Star Trek may be one of the longest running science fiction franchises out there, with its fantastic tales of starships exploring the far reaches of the galaxy having engaged movie and television viewers since 1966, but it’s been off our TV screens for a long while now – twelve years, to be precise. That will soon change, as this September sees the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery, an ambitious new show set within the universe of the Federation – yes, the actual one, not the parallel universe from those lens flaring, CGI-heavy movies.

But despite being set in the same universe as the classic adventures of the Voyager and the various incarnations of the Enterprise, Discovery will be a very new take on Star Trek, with some big differences between it and the series that have come before. Some of these changes are inevitable, given the major shifts in how TV is made that have occurred since Enterprise finished its run in 2005. Other changes are more surprising and concern the characters and alien races we’ll meet.

So whether you’re a Trek purist and need to prepare yourself for any shocks, or a more easygoing viewer excited to see this new take on the franchise, here are fifteen of the things that will not be the same when the Discovery takes flight…