My wife and I were talking about politics. The was angry with Trump, angry with the right, etc. Its ALL their fault! I take a slightly different tac. I believe that the United States of American has cleverly figured out a way to train voters to never act in their own best interest. The left would have us believe that everybody who votes for the right are the evil rich and that is simply not true. When you take a look at who is sitting behind Trump, at his rallies, you will see that over 50% are probably on Medicare and the rest just happy to be there. You can't tell when somebody is rich but that merry group of Trump supporters tend to not look very rich to me. I also know several folks who voted for Trump and they are certainly not rich. My wife has a friend who voted for Trump. She is a retired nurse, on Medicare, with little but SS to keep her going (she has another retirement thing but it amounts to little and she has no savings). Her husband is even less well off and is ill. I use those two for examples of my thesis. These people, basically, depend on gov for their continued survival yet they voted for a political outlook which has made no bones about NOT taking care of people like this. They make no bones about cutting Medicare and SS if they get the chance. This is an example of the canny American voting public.

I also believe that if a group you belong to, does not vote, then they WILL get screwed. Blacks, for instance, do not exactly have a stellar voting record. In the last election they were singularly missing in numbers that could have changed things. Blacks are very quick to note how they get dumped on - not so much when it comes to their voting record. Then take the 18 to 25 year olds. They don't vote either and were gifted with, amongst other things, student loans! (a real blot on this nation) Then there are the poor. They REALLY don't vote! And, guess what, they are regularly screwed over too! There are other groups but I will try and stick with the ones mentioned. The simple fact is that, even when they do vote, they do as they are told rather than what would help them have an actual voice. I remember when the Republicans cut the food stamp program a couple of years ago. 60% of food stamp recipients live in southern red states! When their food stamps were cut they were particularly silent as they voted for, and continue to vote for, the very people who cut their food stamps. That particular voting segment, incidentally, tend to also be reborn Christians and, because the IRS had stopped regulating churches that preach on politics, seem to like to tell their flocks how to vote. Strangely enough they seem to preach in favor of those who cut the food stamps and them getting preached at BELIEVE! (I think the Trump administration has, currently, now figured out a way to actually make sure that them preachers can preach politics).

Since I tend to watch more TV than I should I have also noticed that TV itself covers how Trump acts a lot more than what, exactly, he does, we are kept pretty ignorant. I have found that the late night comedians give us more facts about what gov is currently doing than the majors, in many instances.

Anyway, until somebody stands up and gives the American voting public a serious talking to, until our schools do a much better job at teaching kids about civics and how gov actually works, until these people understand that there is a huge difference between science and magic, between fact and fiction, etc. we are going to be governed by idiots!