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#302954 - 09/02/17 05:20 AM Re: how many really care? [Re: pdx rick]
pondering_it_all Offline
old hand

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I'd rather have nothing than a unsatisfying mesh-mash.

That attitude is what the underlying problem is all about. Since the Republican Party is divided, there are no clear majorities. Without compromise and coalition, nothing gets done.

But about 90% of the stuff they have are things they both could agree we need. Like raising the debt ceiling, for example. Both sides are going to try to strong-arm their pet amendments in there, since it is a "must pass" bill, so both sides will refuse to vote for it. If they just said: "Okay, lets forget about the football game mentality and pass the things we need to pass today." , it would get done.

Then they could go back to the hyper-partisan BS. In fact, if they could just do that one day a week, everything would work a lot better.

#302955 - 09/02/17 01:29 PM Re: how many really care? [Re: pondering_it_all]
pdx rick Offline
Carpal Tunnel

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Originally Posted By: pondering_it_all
Without compromise and coalition, nothing gets done.

...and I'm completely fine with that, at this moment in time. smile
Contrarian, extraordinaire

#302959 - 09/02/17 11:40 PM Re: how many really care? [Re: jgw]
pondering_it_all Offline
old hand

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Like I said, they really do need to do some stuff, like raise the debt ceiling or we default on our obligations, which does our country very much harm.

I'm all for deadlock where it blocks stupid Conservative stuff like reinstitution of slavery, taking voting rights from poor people, etc. But there are things Congress needs to do to keep the country running. It really is not all partisan idiocy.

#303127 - 09/16/17 06:52 PM Re: how many really care? [Re: jgw]
jgw Offline

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Just a note on 'compromise'. Our system doesn't really need any compromise as far as I am concerned. What it needs is an elected class willing to sit down, define a problem, look for common ground, and deal with the common ground. Same old deal where nobody gets everything they want, but that process would reflect the thinking of both sides in the effort to fix a given problem without giving up a damned thing. This, I think, is all we need, ie. a congress comprised of reasonable people, from both sides, willing to actually sit down, define a problem and find common ground. When there is no common ground then that should be widely disseminated thereby giving the electorate to decide whether that is right or wrong and whether the problem with no solution makes any sense.

The problem with the above is that "reasonable people", "willing", "common ground", all are assumptions which don't seem to exist in our current crop of elected. I know, not gonna change, its our turn to win, etc.

Right now these people will not even speak to one another. If they are caught actually doing that then the leadership apparently visits with the miscreant. The right apparently won't even talk to each other! I am also not convinced that the left is actually any better, they just haven't had the opportunity to show their stuff.

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