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Men are programmed to be horn dogs. It has kept our species going for eons but now days we are supposed to be tame and reject all of those desires. Or at the very least control them. And be on our best behavior at all times.

I am not defending crude behavior but damn many of those woman look so good that sometimes “we” lose it. And react in a reflexive manner.

But see, I think we need to evolve that standard a good deal.
I understand that the women of the metoo movement are spotlighting abuse, harassment and assault.
And they should. Those are crimes, and they're crimes of power.
At the very least, they illuminate the perpetrator as being unfit and unwell, and in many cases they are evidence of an actual violation of a law. You just can't go around being a predator and violating a woman's civil rights. It's just that simple.

The stuff you're talking about though, is that a crime?
No, I am sorry. Here I have to take issue with the metoo movement, because I think right now the gung ho charisma of the whole thing has handed people a very blunt instrument.

It's way TOO BLUNT.

Being a clumsy fool, being an a - hole, being a swaggering macho dork isn't a crime, shouldn't be a crime and can't be a crime.
And being confident and a little aggressive in pursuit can't be either.

If nothing else, it just can't be defined by any legal argument or be proven in any kind of a court of law.
And therefore, it shouldn't be grounds for tossing someone on the burning pyre.

The movement is like any other, it needs to mature, and to find its way, and I will gladly support it but I will also call it out when it crosses logical boundaries and shows signs of being absurd.

Every lasting relationship I've ever had came about as a result of me being aggressive in my pursuit, because quite naturally the women didn't believe I was serious. I pursued one gal from the stockroom, to the break room, to the parking lot for almost half an hour till she agreed to go out with me. She was the first real serious love affair I ever had...my first real thing.

My wife Karen? I'd been pining away and carrying a torch for her for sixteen years fer chrissakes. I watched her go through her Navy career, watched as we both went through one bad marriage each.
Every time I heard news about her, it rekindled my desire to be with her and I would take up the pursuit again.
Then one day in 1997, after my first wife had walked out and I had begun to get sober, I was alone and in conversation with my sister in law I heard about her again.
I screwed together twenty seconds of raw courage and called her to tell her that I still felt the same way I had always felt about her.
I was in Los Angeles and she was all the way in Arkansas.
You know what?
It finally worked.
Sixteen years on and off, sixteen years of pursuing that woman and she finally decided to give me a chance.
We have been together for almost twenty years.
Persistence and aggressiveness pay off, dammit.

Take that away and you can kiss the human race bye-bye.
"The Left ones think I'm Right, the Right ones think I'm wrong."
Leon Russell - Magic Mirror"