I was watching the Daily Show last night. They showed a clip of Trump claiming to have done more than any other president. That was immediately panned. I started thinking on this one. I don't think that anybody really knows all that he has done but what we do know has to be disturbing for many. Here is a very short list of what he has been able to accomplish so far.
Appoint lifetime judges that are so bad that even the bar association rejected their appointments.
Appointed a head of education who is against public education
Appointed a head of the Environmental Protection Agency who is determined to destroy that agency.
Changed a variety of Environmental regulations. My favorite ws the one allowing coal waste to be dumped into running water thereby killing EVERYTHING.
Managed to turn the UK and Germany, who used to be our friends into not our friends.
Got rid of the Obama Asian trade thing thereby, basically, giving all Asian trade to China
Opted out of virtually all environmental pollution regs thereby assuring worse for our children and gaining the scorn of the rest of the world.
Encouraged, in a number of ways, racial hate and hate for any that are even vaguely different.

I could keep adding to this list but I think my point is made (feel free to add to the list! <G>). This man has seriously damaged this nation in any number of ways. My point is that the late night entertainers might consider mentioning the bad stuff being done rather than laughing at that which has not been done. What he has done may not be positive, or legislative, but he sure as hell has done a LOT!

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