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#304741 - 12/31/17 05:46 AM Campaign themes for 2018
NW Ponderer Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/09/11
Posts: 15969
I'm not satisfied that being "against Trump" will be adequate for the next electoral season, although I think that being against the things he has done might go pretty far. I'd like to hear some nominations for what people think the Campaign Themes might be for 2018. I liked Clinton's "Stronger Together" theme, but it's been used. "Make America Great Again" was particularly lame.

I think the Democrats should emphasize their affinity for the working Americans. I happen to like focusing on the "People of America". Trying to think of a snappy theme that encompasses that but can't be too easily corrupted. Thoughts?

(Republicans can go with, "Got Money, Vote GOP!")
A well reasoned argument is like a diamond: impervious to corruption and crystal clear - and infinitely rarer.

Here, as elsewhere, people are outraged at what feels like a rigged game -- an economy that won't respond, a democracy that won't listen, and a financial sector that holds all the cards. - Robert Reich

#304756 - 01/01/18 01:56 AM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline


Registered: 08/03/04
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Loc: Whittier, California
"Restoring Literacy, Democracy, and Ending Spectacle"

Yeah yeah, I know, too wordy.
"He wakes up in the morning, ****s all over Twitter, ****s all over us, ****s all over his staff, then hits golf balls."
---Congressman Peter King

#304757 - 01/01/18 02:00 AM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline


Registered: 08/03/04
Posts: 13163
Loc: Whittier, California

democratiam, fiducia,
"He wakes up in the morning, ****s all over Twitter, ****s all over us, ****s all over his staff, then hits golf balls."
---Congressman Peter King

#305001 - 01/11/18 10:31 PM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 1967
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
I would love to see the Dems put up a site sorted by category, signers, etc. which would be a list of what the Republicans have done since they took over. I posted a quick list but this one would be a list which would also add in any ratings by the congressional rating folks. The list would be accurate and factual.

On top of that they could have an 'educational' running ad that would note these same things and a link to their listing site. I am absolutely convinced that the Trumpites are incredibly ignorant and need to have their noses rubbed just what the jerks on the right are doing. Neither the site nor the TV stuff should ever even mention "Trump", just the Republicans (I consider Trump the distractor in chief (as well as a lying jackass)) He is, basically, a difficult but mostly agreeable tool of the Right and should actually be ignored. I am seriously sick and tired of having this lying jackass on my TV constantly, without letup. He has had billions of dollars of free exposure and I would think that the Democrats, and the Left in general, should not add to that free exposure.

#305003 - 01/12/18 12:21 AM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
pondering_it_all Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 7626
Loc: North San Diego County
A website could show just what nazism is all about. All the hateful and essentially satanic evil, starting with the atrocities in WW II right up to today, including all the Americans killed fighting it. Then they need to show Trump's ties and support of these monsters. Then Republican Congressmen's support of Trump.

A really good website could tie them all together and send them to Hell. I am not religious my self, but many Americans are. Just show them Trump's many connections to evil and promote the teachings of Jesus that completely oppose all this disgusting stuff. Use their religion to make them choose the light.

#305039 - 01/12/18 07:10 PM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 1967
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, you miss my point (but yours is just another page in the saga and would be useful too). I would like a fact filled site that simply lists the accomplishments of his administration in some detail accessible by any number of searches. I also don't think that his name should actually be mentioned. My point is that the man is, obviously a lying jackass, on the other hand all the 'accomplishments' were actually pieces of paper put in front of him, that he signed (they say he will sign anything put in front of him without even reading it). His involvement was, and mostly is, signing stuff - the real perpetrators are the Republicans in both houses. Trump's duties are, obviously, to distract from what is happening and signing the wet dreams of the Right into our reality. Little things like getting rid of regulations on the environment, banks, drug companies, manufacturers, etc. Appointing people to head of agencies so that they can destroy said agencies from within, etc. (list is VERY long). Anyway, the site would simply put the absolute truth out there, with no thoughts of whether this stuff is right or wrong. I firmly believe that most, when presented with factual data, will be pretty amazed. Those that aren't will probably love the site (until they find out he has done some despicable thing that offends even them).

Please also consider that I am a master of Wishful Thinking and I doubt that anybody is going to do this. I just do not,unfortunately, have the time to build my proposed site

Rather than having a political viewpoint the site will have the absolute truth, backed up with facts, and actually let the reader decide. I also realize that those working on such a site, unless they are complete dullards, will, after a bit get REALLY upset at what has been done as well as what is currently being done. Another example is appointing judges that are walking stumps who subscribe to Trump and, I also suspect, have sworn fealty to the lying jackass and utterly rejected by the Bar because they are serious dullards and ignoramus.

Your site is a bit different than my suggestion but I am not against yours, I would simply like something like the above as well Sites are cheap and easy, hell you can set them up if you run windows if have a copy of Microsoft Word. I guess I should add that I almost admire the lying jackass efforts to emulate Hitler and Mussolini with his arms crossin across his chest move.

Another thing your site could do is list all Republicans in congress that have praised the lying jackass along with any video that might be pertinent to their public worship of their master.

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#305041 - 01/13/18 12:52 AM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
Ken Condon Offline

Registered: 06/14/07
Posts: 3808
Loc: Eugene, OR
What about Joe Arpaio? Old Joe Apple Pie-Yo as I prefer.

Controversial former Sheriff Joe Arpaio on Wednesday called former President Barack Obama’s birth certificate a “phony document” in an interview on CNN.

This was just today. Not several years ago. And this is what “we” face in todays election times. One might say they are not disgusted nor concerned with the health of our democracy. But they would be seriously remiss:

CNN Link
Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.

#305045 - 01/13/18 03:28 AM Re: Campaign themes for 2018 [Re: NW Ponderer]
matthew Offline

Registered: 03/24/16
Posts: 349
How about:




--- coffee
Once, weapons were manufactured to fight wars; today, wars are manufactured to sell weapons

It is far easier to deceive folks than to convince them they are deceived


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