A Symbol of the Palestinian Resistance for the Internet Age - The Atlantic.

I've been following this story for some time. It has been some time since I've ventured out to opine about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank, but this situation demonstrates the utter absurdity of the reality of the Palestinian situation. Israel is, by any definition of international law, in the wrong. It has occupied the West Bank of Jordan in Jerusalem since 1967 without any international support or acquiescence. Here, the Israeli army is invading a private home, and a 14-year-old girl is being charged with serious crimes for objecting.

Watch the video. In any normal world, the actions of the three women involved, one clearly trying to keep the situation under control, would be passed off as unimportant. But in Israel, it is a "high crime" being prosecuted in a military court. How ridiculous, really, how obscene is that? In the past we had a number of Israel apologists that posted here. Perhaps we still do. I'd like to discuss, in polite terms, how this is in any way reasonable. In my view, Israel is showing its utter disregard for human decency by taking this stance.
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