I had a thought on a book that will take quite a bit of research. I would do it but, I suspect, I don't have enough time to do it right. This all stems from my thoughts on sports, particularly professional sports which can only be owned by the very rich who can move a team, shut down a team, basically do anything they damn well please with their team. This would include, for instance, the Seattle Seahawks in which, it seems, the entire Seattle community is heavily invested in (dreams, thoughts, support, admiration, etc) They can spend their money to goto the games, spend more on beer, food, etc. Pain their cars in seahawk colors, wear the shirts, fly the flags, etc. and, if the owner decides to move the team threaten suicide, cry and whine a lot, etc. I think that the emotional investment the fans make are REALLY misplaced and they are being seriously screwed over by the very tax free league they so admire. The only team actually owned by the supporters is Greenbay which got done before the owners changed the rules.

Anyway, I would like to see a book that attempts to lists competitions. These could be organized by category, teams represented, professional or not, etc. (I am sure data folk could have a field day on this one). Once such a list happens it might give 'fans' a chance to determine whether they are doing a smart thing in investing (emotional and fiscal) so much support for, basically, a zillionaire who, basically, is getting rich of the very fans who are banned from actually taking a fiscal interest it that same team. Perhaps a list of competitions might serve as a new basis for the fans to consider.

I suspect, however, that, while interesting, isn't going to change a thing. Fans will continue to support the rich guy who can, any damned time he wants, move THEIR team someplace else (for whatever reason). Seattle, for instance, used to have a basketball team, until the owner sold it to somebody who moved THEIR team to the midwest.

Just a thought..............