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#307002 - 06/16/18 12:41 PM Re: Lying with Impunity [Re: rporter314]
logtroll Offline

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My hope, as well...

The antidote to the process of propaganda is the process of finding factual truth. The best way we have for doing that is through scientific inquiry, which referees competing claims systematically based on evidence. The propagandist process subordinates the facts to an agenda, even at the price of distorting or ignoring the facts altogether. For science, factual truth is the agenda; it follows the evidence wherever it might lead. Anything counter-factual, anything that obscures or distorts truth is anathema to the scientific project. Propaganda knows how to sell a product. Science knows how to shop smart.

Hence, the biggest underlying problem with propaganda is not who is using it, but the extent to which itís used to the diminishment or exclusion of reason, science, fact and truth. That is to say, if our camp wins by using propaganda, it will be no victory at all, because it means the people are gullible, and are vulnerable to the next skilled propagandist, who may well come from the other side. Only a people educated about the process of propaganda and adamant about not letting it override the processes of science will be truly civilized, liberated, and safe.

The Con of Propaganda
"You can't fix a problem until you understand what the problem is." Logtroll

#307003 - 06/16/18 08:55 PM Re: Lying with Impunity [Re: NW Ponderer]
rporter314 Offline
old hand

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here is the fundamental problem LogT

Mr Trump has complete access of the media 24/7 (or at least that is his goal). A 30 sec soundbite once a day can not compete with his control of the media.

A whole host of media outlets have taken to task the dissemination of the facts to no avail. Mr Trump is winning solely because of an ignorant, uninformed electorate which is easily manipulated has been mobilized by his lies, demagoguery, bullying, and plain old 1930's gaslighting.

He is on the verge of pardoning everyone who may implicate him in criminal activities. The Senate will not convict. The DoJ will not file charges for any potential crimes. There is only one course of action ...
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty

#307004 - 06/16/18 10:13 PM Re: Lying with Impunity [Re: logtroll]
matthew Offline

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Originally Posted By: logtroll
Perhaps it is not just Trump who is mentally ill?

A very good point.

Just as the minds of most of the German people were warped by the barrage of lies they were told by their "leaders" and media, so, to an even greater extent, the minds of the American people are warped by the ceaseless Niagara of lies and misinformation which the info-tainment industry uses to wash away what is left of the minds of Americans.
Once, weapons were manufactured to fight wars; today, wars are manufactured to sell weapons

It is far easier to deceive folks than to convince them they are deceived

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