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#306535 - 04/30/18 07:40 PM WAR!
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 1960
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
I wonder if anybody else has been noticing the Trump gradual, but constantly moving to a war on Iran? Oh, with the full collusion of Israel (basically, yet again doing their bidding). Here is a link to the story about the Israeli efforts to sway us:

Now add in the Trump 'advisors' who have been very public in their belief/need to goto war with Iran. Those two stalwarts, Pompeo and Bolton, for instance, have not been backwards about this one, especially Bolton who is actually calling for a war RIGHT NOW!

I wonder, even though the Pentagon has held, for a long time, that a war with Iran would be a REALLY bad idea. Do we really need yet another un-winnable political war? We have now spent over 1 TRILLION dollars on the 18 year old ongoing war in Afghanistan and continue to spend billions even now. A war wherein there is no way to win, just keep on spending treasure instead of taking care of our infrastructure, healthcare, education, etc. I think its a fair question; Do we really need another political war?

I guess I should add that I firmly believe that our efforts in Afghanistan is our part in the thousand year old Muslim war between Sunni and Shia and Iran is just another part of that war. So, to refine: Do we really need to be in the middle of a thousand year old Muslim war because Israel, and Saudi Arabia, and John Bolton, think we should be?

#306536 - 04/30/18 10:04 PM Re: WAR! [Re: jgw]
rporter314 Offline
old hand

Registered: 03/18/03
Posts: 6416
Loc: Highlands, Tx
Bolton is still PO'd the Iranians took back their country from the US sanctioned dictator Shah Pahlavi and wants revenge and he is an unregistered Israeli agent.

PM Netanyahu is playing Mr Trump, one, because Mr Trump is easy. and two because PM Netanyahu wants to destroys Iran. Iran was not involved in any of the wars against Israel but has continued to be a provocateur, calling for a referendum on the stratus of Israeli control.

Mr Trump needs a real distraction from possible impeachment/indictment and a chance to further elevate himself through his narcissistic needs to be a real C-in-C with wartime experience.

What is the long game? Whatever is said about him, he has an excellent understanding of media and its usefulness to further his pursuit of Godhood. I can see using wartime as a platform to impose military control over America, end the free press, and at least temporarily dissolve any Constitutional institutions which would prevent him from assuming unitary power.

We are in danger.
ignorance is the enemy
without equality there is no liberty

#306538 - 04/30/18 10:48 PM Re: WAR! [Re: jgw]
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 1960
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
I agree, and particularly agree on the distraction. I suspect that he can stay in power if he has a real war going on. I remember when we backed Saddam in the Iraqi war against Iran. We funded it, we armed him, we sold him the stuff to make chemical weapons, etc. In spite of all that Iraq couldn't make any headway and they kept it up for, I think, 5 years.

We just seem to hate Iran and, again I suspect, its because we have decided to take sides in the Sunni/Shia thousand year war as well as supporting Israel in their war of terror against Islam. I wonder how many hundreds of thousand we will manage to kill before somebody call a halt to the slaughter as well as getting a lot of our own children dead in another political war we can't win. I also find it interesting that while we are doing our killing the Chinese are making friends, building roads, schools, bridges, etc. all over the world. Actually getting a bit scary.


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