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#306830 - 05/25/18 11:34 PM Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ... The elephant in the room.
Buzzard's Roost Offline

Registered: 02/25/06
Posts: 3
Loc: UT
Utah Senator Orrin Hatch
The elephant in the room that no one is seeing or watching.

Smoothly, purposefully, quietly, and almost hypnotically, Orrin Hatch wields unlimited power and influence that comes from position … Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance arguably the most powerful committee in Government … President pro tempore of the Senate 2nd most powerful in the Senate and 3rd in line to be President of the United States … and longevity … 40+ years. Player, spectator, chess master Hatch is sub rosa over the board, under the board, and on all sides of the board.

As for informants, moles, cutouts, back channels, and Deus ex machina in President Trump’s administration, take a longer look at Hatch. Hatch works the whole stage and the audience like Puppeteer Edgar Burgen worked Charlie McCarthy and Mortimer Snerd. Now Hatch has even played President Trump like Bergin pulled strings on McCarthy and Snerd.

Case in point is the Bears Ears land grab by Utah where the President in a quid pro quo, mutual huggin' event with Hatch celebrated the reverted size and scope of the monument as pay back for Hatch’s “all in” over the President's tax plan.

For more than 40 years, Hatch has insinuated himself into every stratum of society. He has packed the Federal Justice system with his nominees, and the legislature and other influence centers with his Moles, Proxies, Professionals, Quislings, Factotum, Toadies, Fawning Sycophants, and Goodfellas. He is a darling of the Mormon Church, and plays the media like a Concert Master plays “First Violin.”

There now surfaces ample evidence that Utah is but a minor mirror of what Hatch has accomplished in Washington. Hatch has managed to insert and insinuate himself by proxy creating cut outs, back channels and “back and forth channels” throughout. For example, recently disgraced wife beater and the President’s White House Staff Secretary Rob Porter was a likely Hatch plant and is a former Hatch employee. Hatch went out of his way to defend porter, vouch for his good character, and say he shouldn’t resign until Hatch saw that the “jig” was finally up. Please look around Mr. President. There may be another Hatch skunk or two in the White House wood works.

For Star Trek fans, the following metaphor will resonate. It now dawns on us that another of Hatch’s Borg like characters has been planted in a strategic spot. Whether by subterfuge, stratagem or mutual agreement, Hatch the “Hive Master” has his man now planted in the middle of the Mueller team. “Résistance is futile.” Orrin Hatch & Robert Mueller share … from out of the Hatch camp and now firmly ensconced into the Mueller camp … press secretary and spokesman and Utah native Peter Carr. Carr can “cutout” for both camps and channel back and forth across the Washington Merry-go-round with anonymity and impunity.

One must plant firmly in mind the history behind Hatch and Mueller who, we allege, like collegial heads of “States within a State” share notes, resources, channels, mutual admiration urges, and reams of plausible denials.

Mueller in the 1990s did damage control in order to sidetrack the investigation and prosecution of, at the time, the most corrupt bank in the history of the World …The Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI). Mueller’s misfeasance and complicity in the matter ultimately gave the BCCI compromised Senators and Congressmen a pass. Hatch narrowly escaped censure and/or prosecution for his scandalous conduct in the BCCI affair. Hatch eulogized Mueller in his confirmation hearing to become the FBI Director and praised Mueller at every other opportunity thereafter.

History persuades that Hatch and Mueller have, “no Politics ... no Party ... no Ethics ... no Position ... no Nation ... no God” and are in and of themselves Gods and Goodfellas of the Deep State.

What is less or more to expect of Masters Dei ex Machina (Gods in the Machine) … the indomitable Senator Orrin Hatch and his doppelganger Robert Mueller?

What next and who else will spring from Hatch’s hive? Ah yes … but only if the fates damn us ... will it be Mitt Romney.

See other background available at " Unmasking the Mimes Unmasking the Mimes ...."

Best wishes,


Wayne L. Wickizer - MSAJ
Major, U.S. Army Special Forces Ret.
Former FBI Agent 1970-76
Retired Educator
Member Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)
Freelance Commentator and Political "Lurker"
Skype = wwickizer1
Linkedin =

The only Agent in the history of the FBI to have a letter of commendation from Director J. Edgar Hoover and also a letter of commendation from Jack Anderson of "The Washington Merry-go-Round." If you understand the significance of the foregoing relationships, you may or may not want to shake my hand when we meet.

Edited by Buzzard's Roost (05/25/18 11:35 PM)
The Ole' Buzzard

#306831 - 05/26/18 02:06 AM Re: Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ... The elephant in the room. [Re: Buzzard's Roost]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline


Registered: 08/03/04
Posts: 13148
Loc: Whittier, California
I'm floored, because I'd forgotten about Mueller's role in the BCCI scandal.
Laboring under the possible misimpression that Mueller was a straight shooter and a "by the book" law man, I was hoping that the truth would out and justice would be served by his current investigation, and I was ready to accept whatever the outcome was, whether or not any heavy timber was felled.

Now I am in doubt about Mueller.
There isn't that much daylight between money laundering on the scale of BCCI and the scale of the Trump Organization, there's only position and optics.
"He wakes up in the morning, ****s all over Twitter, ****s all over us, ****s all over his staff, then hits golf balls."
---Congressman Peter King

#306832 - 05/26/18 02:11 AM Re: Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ... The elephant in the room. [Re: Buzzard's Roost]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline


Registered: 08/03/04
Posts: 13148
Loc: Whittier, California
PS:Glad to see you back here after...nine years!
Maybe stick around some, it's good to get some new ideas.
Don't let another nine years go by.
"He wakes up in the morning, ****s all over Twitter, ****s all over us, ****s all over his staff, then hits golf balls."
---Congressman Peter King

#306833 - 05/27/18 01:04 AM Re: Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ... The elephant in the room. [Re: Jeffery J. Haas]
Greger Offline


Registered: 11/24/06
Posts: 13945
Loc: Florida
Now I am in doubt about Mueller.

I've told you...he's a Republican and can't be trusted.
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."— Oscar Wilde

#306835 - 05/27/18 06:00 AM Re: Utah Senator Orrin Hatch ... The elephant in the room. [Re: Buzzard's Roost]
pondering_it_all Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
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Loc: North San Diego County
On the other hand, people have been indicted...


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