Last night my wife and I watched a documentary called "The Bleeding Edge". This is a documentary about medical devices and the FDA. There is an instance, with a device (Essure), for instance, to stop women from getting pregnant, forever, that, amongst other organization, has one that has over 35,000 members who have been literally ruined by this device. Europe actually banned it last year. The FDA, however, has been saying its dandy, and safe. It is produced by Bayer who continues to say its safe and wonderful. That being said they currently have over 16,000 law suits over this one and are expecting a LOT more. Last week they decided to take it off the market even though the FDA continues to sing its praises.

When all is said and done this documentary kinda points out that the FDA, when it comes to medical devices, is a complete and utter waste of time and will, apparently, allow any medical device to go to market with little or no study as to the safety of such items.

Oh, we are talking about an FDA that is being run by a man who was a lobbyist for these kinds of things and personally supports selling this device. Bayer, incidentally, knew about the problems but decided to sell it anyway. So, even though this also went on during the Obama administration we now have the jackass administration so I am putting this here.