William Barr should be a convicted felon and is wholly unqualified to be Attorney General. Many here probably remember the "Iran-Contra" scandal. What they may not remember is William Barr's role in it.
In the end, fourteen administration officials were indicted, including then-Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Eleven convictions resulted, some of which were vacated on appeal.[13] The rest of those indicted or convicted were all pardoned in the final days of the presidency of George H. W. Bush, who had been Vice President at the time of the affair.[14]

At the time of the pardon, Bush had been directly implicated as a participant in the scheme. William Barr, as his then-Attorney General, advised Bush to do so, and indeed, to pardon everyone. William Barr Supported Pardons In An Earlier D.C. 'Witch Hunt': Iran-Contra (npr); Barr May Do Exactly What Trump Wants (Atlantic).

Think about that: Barr, as Attorney General, advised the sitting president, who was the subject of a special counsel probe, to pardon all the convicted participants, to stop the investigation. Senators, Ask William Barr About His Pardon Strategy (Bloomberg, opinion)

By Barr's own description, what he did was criminal.
“Obviously, the President and any other official can commit obstruction in this classic sense of sabotaging a proceeding’s truth-finding function. Thus, for example, if a President knowingly destroys or alters evidence, suborns perjury, or induces a witness to change testimony, or commits any act deliberately impairing the integrity or availability of evidence, then he, like anyone else, commits the crime of obstruction.”
In advising President Bush to pardon co-conspirators, he did exactly that - conspired to obstruct justice. That is a federal felony, and felons should not be Attorneys, much less the Attorney General.
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