The other day I was watching some talking heads, in CNN, I think, talking about the plan for the house Dems to start investigating. Amongst the supposed expert talking heads were 2 from the right. Their point was that the plans of the Dems were all political and would add to the debt. The inference was, obviously, that Dems spend wastefully. I watched almost an hour of this, not once did the supposed lefty talking heads stand up. For instance, the Republicans, over the years, spent 100 million dollars investigating Hillary "". One would think that might be pertinent but, nope, the Dems were either dumb as doors or just couldn't bear to anger them on the right.

I simply do not get it (and have beat this drum before). The Dems are constantly being called the spendthrifts and they have many that believe that. Its simply a lie used to demonize the Dems and the dems just let it happen. The simple fact is that the Republicans have consistently left their financial messes for the Dems to fix. The Dems have vast experience in this but I cannot remember a time when they have actually mentioned this little fact (last time was in 2008 when Obama had to bail out the Bush mess).

So, I would suggest that the next time you see the Dems sleeping whilst the Republicans make claims, blame the Dems, and flat out lie at least contact the dems and ask them why they just cannot bring themselves to stand up and state a few fact on their side instead of, basically, hunkering down and taking it.