I have decided that much of what I have been watching is just sad.

There is the black kid who decided that he wasn't making enough money in his weekly show - he was only getting paid 100,000.00 per episode! His solution to being underpaid (in his own mind) was to hire two big black guys to beat him up and yell racist things at him. Watching this being reported was a little like watching somebody publicly commit suicide by mouth. It seems that he is sticking to his story even though the guys he hired has the check he paid with, etc. Oh, he also got fired from the show and its unlikely anybody will ever hire him again. Its a very sad thing.

Then there are the politics. I watched Franklin Graham, the son of Billy Graham, tell the world that God is responsible for Trump! He went on to tell everybody that President Trump is incapable of telling a lie! Yet another sad thing. This is a man who brings thousands into his tent so he can give his flock the Words of God. If anybody doesn't think this is a sad thing they should think a bit more. Even those supporting Trump admit that his facts get a bit 'skewed'.

Then there are the Trump true believers. This is the saddest thing of all. When you see him preaching to the true believers you will notice that many are either on, or going to soon be on, Medicare and Social Security. If you try and tell any of them that the Trump administration is trying, very hard, to destroy both they will grow red in the face and want to kill the messenger as they KNOW that cannot be the truth (it is, they are reducing medicare by 100 million a year and have dipped directly into the Social Security funds). The Trump administration has also cut back on food stamps although red states (usually poor) use 60% of the food stamps. This is, in my mind, seriously sad. It shows us that we have a seriously large group (more than 30% of the electorate) of voting citizens that are actually incapable of acting in their own best interests! The God Fearing Righteous Right assure their flocks that Trump can't lie and the flocks agree!

So, I am sad. I used to say things like; "I just can't believe it" - no more. Its pretty hard to be upbeat and enthused when you see so many otherwise normal people being willingly bamboozled.

We are living, right now, in what may be the saddest period in the history of our nation..........