There seems to be, basically, two freshmen Democratic female members that seem to be garnering a bunch of attention. One would be Omar and the other Cortez. Cortez is the worst for checking her facts before she runs her mouth. Omar is behind but, still.. Omar should run her speeches through a filter as well. She seems to have a faith in the American voting public to understand what she is trying to say (I have the same problem with my wife - she expects me to read her mind). What she should do is make sure its VERY clear and not open to interpretation. The best way to do that is to have somebody else go over speeches, etc. Not do it all by themselves!

They, and all the rest of the Dems, MUST check their facts before they run their mouths. If they do not then they become exactly like the other side, ie. running their mouths just because. They have aids to do this for them and they should make use of them - that's what they are there for! This time is, I think, an opportunity for the Dems to secure their place as the group that tends to tell the truth. Not a bad goal I think.