Suicide has been in the news quite a bit lately. I thought I would look it up. Apparently we are 34th in a list of nations in this regard.

I find it interesting. I live in Washington state. We just shut down our last insane asylum (I think they call them something different now (names matter <g>)) It was shut down because it was a mess, incompetent, lacked support and federal funding due to failures in care. I tend to believe the increase in suicide is due to how poorly we deal with mental problems. I also believe this is a national scandal. As far as I can tell we are using your prison system to house those with the worst mental problems. Its also true that when government funds shrink the first things to be reduced are social services (some would say those are socialist enterprises along with police, firemen, public schools, etc). The problem, I think, is when gov gets more money the social services cut never get back to where they were. Mental health is one of those and we do a REALLY BAD JOB at it and we are certainly paying the price and suicide is only the tip of that problem which continues to grow, and continues to be, basically, ignored.