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#312628 - 06/20/19 08:46 PM Re: congress and the administration [Re: jgw]
chunkstyle Offline

Registered: 10/02/07
Posts: 1622
Well shoot JGW, don't leave on my account.
Just making a counterpoint to your... argument, position, whathaveya.
Keep posting and I'll refrain from commenting on your posts.

Hell, sometimes I'm in agreement with you and have said so.

I'd hate to have you pick up your marbles and storm off.

#312641 - 06/22/19 07:20 PM Re: congress and the administration [Re: jgw]
NW Ponderer Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/09/11
Posts: 17001
I posted this elsewhere, but it is applicable here: It is interesting (and extremely scary to me) how the current conservatives on the Court are skewing civil rights all in one direction. On the one hand, they are expanding "religious (read Christian)" rights, firearm rights and property rights, but limiting voting, expression (of not their viewpoint) rights, and freedoms of minorities from discrimination of various types, or application of other rights (due process, press, search, seizure). What's the through line here? Pro- police state, corporate, Christian; anti- citizen, minority? The pattern is obvious and inexorable. Feeling a little like the frog-in-the-pot lately? You should, really, be very afraid.

I have no confidence that the current Court will do anything to rein Trump or his administration in. I expect that they will find any thin excuse to allow him to consolidate his power (so long as it is used for Republican purposes), and do anything in the furtherance of the police state being created. They will block any Democratic initiative by any Democratic body, with the full support of the Republican cabal in Congress, even if both the Senate and White House are in Democratic hands. We are in the throes of the death of democracy but don't fully realize it yet. I'm not being hyperbolic here. The only possible hope is a sweep of the Senate and White House AND the retirement/death of a Conservative Justice during the next Democratic presidency.

It was nice (being American) while it lasted.

#312643 - 06/22/19 10:46 PM Re: congress and the administration [Re: NW Ponderer]
Greger Offline

Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 11/24/06
Posts: 15327
Loc: Florida
Interesting times, eh?

"They were the best of times, they were the worst of times..."

We really were born into an interesting era.
But you don't hafta be such a buzzkill. Biden's probably going to get elected. There's maybe an even chance that Democrats take the Senate.

It may not turn out so bad...

The only possible hope is a sweep of the Senate and White House AND the retirement/death of a Conservative Justice during the next Democratic presidency.

All that may very well happen.
"Be yourself; everyone else is already taken."— Oscar Wilde

#312669 - 06/25/19 04:19 AM Re: congress and the administration [Re: jgw]
pondering_it_all Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 8731
Loc: North San Diego County
I'm hoping it's Justice Thomas.

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