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The Christian Solution...blood in the streets. limk

Ooooo, can't wait for all the internet tough guy patriots to try and drag me outta my house!

BTW when I said that Trumpers had been manipulating and destroying language, this is what I was talking about.
They've managed to destroy the meaning of "patriot".
Used to be, a patriot was just some nice guys who loved America, more often than not war heroes or something similar.
Now it's a bunch of lunatic whack jobs who pretend they're taking over federal property, shooting at law enforcement, threatening people on the street, shooting up shopping malls and marching around strapped with AR-15s and camo or marching around with swastika flags or tiki torches.
When I was a young man, if I heard the word patriot, I thought of guys who saluted the flag, made sure everyone understood what the Constitution did for them regardless of race, creed or color, made kids remember the Declaration of Independence, fought the good fight against King George, etc.
Now I think of Klansmen, Nazis, dirtbag bikers who can't wait to beat up people based on who they voted for, and militia posers who never met a conspiracy theory they didn't like.
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