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#315247 - 09/12/19 04:39 PM Democratic Actions
jgw Offline

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I have been gone for about 12 days to Mexico (no gun battles, no bullets, everybody friendly, etc.) Was in Sinaloa and had little politics (was too busy, and scared, to ride the world's longest zipline!). Came back to a story that the Democrats lost an election to a Republican which was a great victory according to any news outlet that doesn't support Trump. That bit of news was followed by polls that are saying the front Runners are not actually liked much by Democrats anyway! Said candidates also can't seem to stop ranking on each other and Obama instead of going after Trump, ie. they are doing, I think, just about everything they can to assure Trump's victory.

Apparently the Democrats are now somehow convinced that a failure to win is some kind of victory. It also seems that the Democratic party was unable to bring out the black vote which actually may have lost the Dems the race. (talk about a group of voters who don't understand that if they don't vote they get screwed, or are just incapable to voting in their own best interest).

I also note that the Democratic House continues to claim that, pretty soon that are REALLY going to do something! (other than just talking about it and claiming that, this time, they are going to get serious).

Pelosi, at the same time, continues to fight the thought of impeachment, All them nice Republican senators aren't going to have to stand up, publicly vote to support their great leader, and then go home and explain their vote. This way, at least, they can blame everything on Moscow Mitch. The Democratic candidates probably won't address that one either - that would, I guess, be too mean spirited.

Good to be home!! (Comforting one can count on not much changing)

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#315248 - 09/12/19 05:19 PM Re: Democratic Actions [Re: jgw]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline

It's the Despair Quotient!

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Did North Carolina Admit to Targeting Black Voters with a ‘Voter ID’ Law?


North Carolina's stated reason for shutting down Sunday voting was that counties with heavy Sunday voting were disproportionately African-American, and that African-Americans tended to be Democrats.

The State then elaborated
on its justification, explaining that “[c]ounties with Sunday
voting in 2014 were disproportionately black” and
“disproportionately Democratic.” J.A. 22348-49. In response,
SL 2013-381 did away with one of the two days of Sunday voting.

PDF link
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#315251 - 09/12/19 05:49 PM Re: Democratic Actions [Re: jgw]
pdx rick Offline

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jgw, you're speaking about the Special Election in NC D-9. Here are a few things to consider:
  • D9 has been ruby red since 1963
  • Trump won the District in 2016 by 10 points
  • This election was a re-do because of Republican cheating in November2018
  • The R winner this past Tuesday night only won by 2 points, when Trump won it by 10 points in 2016
  • The GOP spent $6.3 million dollars for this one special election for this one District.
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