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02/07/20 10:53 PM
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#319165 - 12/20/19 03:12 PM Re: Will Trump Debate a Democrat? [Re: pondering_it_all]
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I believe the delusions of a narcissist are dependent on the venue and the outside pressure exerted on the narcissist. Thus we have someone who occupies a global stage with 24/7 coverage, which in itself is more than overwhelming, but there is the additional pressure from more than half a country which denigrates and punctures the delusional balloon. He has to compensate by creating even more extravagant delusions to maintain the facade he has erected to himself.

A thought which I have passed on, is the notion he has been on a mental decline for a while. Some say dementia, some cracking under pressure. I now have to wonder, as the world begins caving in on him will he actually have a mental breakdown? Perhaps an analogy would be the gas laws i.e. as the volume decreases, the pressure increases ... and pop.
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#319166 - 12/20/19 06:14 PM Re: Will Trump Debate a Democrat? [Re: Jeffery J. Haas]
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Originally Posted By: Jeffery J. Haas
On tonight's Democratic debate, Andrew Yang mentioned THORIUM.
This is important!

No it's not. Research is continuing and eventually small reactors may become a reality. China will soon be firing up the first fusion reactor...we have to first keep the world from devolving into war and pestilence or the only nuclear energy we're going to see is in the form of missiles.
Yang only exists at this point as a color commentator.
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