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#323622 - 03/30/20 07:13 PM Killing bacteria and virus with ozone
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 3624
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
This is my thoughts on how to deal with bacteria, virus and bad smells. I first thought to put this in an existing topic but it grew so I figured it would be best in its own.

First, I use a bipap machine that I sleep with at night because I have COPD. This machine, and its tube needs to be sterilyzed every now and then (I do that weekly). Sterilize and Cleaning are not the same thing! There are machines to make that easier. The first one out was a large plastic container, for over 300.00. What you do is take your machine and its tube, put both in the container and turn it on. There is a small ozone machine with or contained in, the container. The Ozone kills all the bacteria and virus. Ozone is a gas. I did some research and there is another, cheaper option - a small ozone machine that you can connect via the machine tube. you can put the machine into virtually any kind of container and there are small, zippered, lined bags you can buy for this purpose. I suspect you can also use a paper bag, a cardboard box, etc. as well.

Ozone is interesting. I used to rent out Ozone machines to people who had bad odors in their houses. Ozone is a very strong oxidizer and will kill things like virus, smells, etc. Ozone will destroy any smells coming from organic stuff. Ozone, I was told by a friend who had an auto rebuild place, is the only thing that will remove the smells in cars that are from cigars or people who were dead in a car for a long time. Its also great for killing mold, bacteria and virus.

Anyway, my wife decided that she needed to sterilize some gloves, purses, and other stuff she takes when she goes out (not often anymore <g>) She planned to sit down and wipe everything off with some kind of anti whatever to do the job. I told her I could do it easier by using my cpap machine sterilizer. I just got a box, hooked it up to my little ozone machine and ran it twice (it turns itself off after 20 minutes).

Ozone can also kill you. If you do a house you have to move every living thing out of said house, including people. If you treat a house overnight then its best to not go in for about 24 hours. I figured 40 minutes, in a cardboard box, should do the trick for a small box of stuff but, even then you can smell the ozone. I did mine on the back porch. These small ozone machine cost around 20 bucks. I bought mine on EBAY but they are readily available from just about any place on the net. I use ebay because its less expensive than Amazon (even thought the people I buy from also have stuff on Amazon - learned that when all my packages said they came from Amazon which was strange as the prices on Ebay are cheaper most of the time).

Here is a link to ebay for this stuff (the search was "ozone cpap":

Here is one for the heck of it for just plain "ozone machines". The reason I do cpap is that is setup to take the bipap/cpap hose/tube (there are a lot of ozone machines for sale. Most are not setup to deal with a hose or tube but just get turned on for rooms, etc. There are also a lot of "air cleaner" machines which I would not use and consider to be dangerous - although they would be great to deal with things if you had a skunk go under your house and get excited):

As an aside. You could actually get into the ozone rental business rather easily. If you live in the city you will have competition but if you are in a small town there may be nobody doing it. You can get a really good full house ozone machine for around 75/80 dollars. You can rent them, bay the day, for about 50.00 per day. That is not much to pay if you have had a skunk go off under your house or want to buy a car with cigar smell in it (which lowered the price but you can't stand cigar smoke. Ozone will also kill all mold). I used to do regular rentals to used car folks with smelly cars. If you are interested I would suggest you first look into the whole thing so if it flops I am not guilty.

Here is an ad for such an ozone machine (expensive & a lot cheaper from China) They all do the same thing:

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#323625 - 03/30/20 09:35 PM Re: Killing bacteria and virus with ozone [Re: jgw]
NW Ponderer Offline
Carpal Tunnel

Registered: 09/09/11
Posts: 17429
I too, use an ozone machine for my CPAP and occasionally other items. I have used it to sterilize (hopefully) the surgical masks that my family is wearing around the house to keep from infecting each other. I did some research on it before I tried it. Ozone is very effective for various pathogenic microbes, and recent research indicates for viruses as well (at very high concentrations). I have not found anything for COVID specifically, but it can't hurt.

I am very excited about the Battelle innovation which they just deployed: FDA lifts restrictions on Ohio-based Bat...virus shortages (USA Today). [A friend of mine did a sabbatical with Battelle, which is a non-profit, and has nothing but absolutely glowing things about them.]

#323627 - 03/30/20 10:00 PM Re: Killing bacteria and virus with ozone [Re: jgw]
pdx rick Offline

Registered: 05/09/05
Posts: 43330
Loc: Puget Sound, WA

Viruses are not alive, bacteria are. Viruses are simply pockets of RNA that insert themselves into live hosts' cells and replicate that way. Killing bacteria is easy with a cap-full or two of bleach.

The definition of life is that if something can duplicate itself. On it's own, viruses can't duplicate.
Contrarian, extraordinaire

#323634 - 03/31/20 12:23 AM Re: Killing bacteria and virus with ozone [Re: jgw]
pondering_it_all Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 10375
Loc: North San Diego County
Like I said, perfect little self-replicating machines. But more like computer worms than AI. Disconnect from the internet and they stop. But beware, just like worms they can wander about a local group and then spring back into an outbreak when you reconnect. That's what can happen if we come out of quarantine too soon.

It will be pretty safe for folks with antibodies to come out a couple of weeks after symptoms are gone. But people with no exposure, or unknown antibody status should stay holed up until at least May.


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