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#325911 - 05/20/20 06:49 PM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
pdx rick Offline

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As everyone knows by now, Trump doesn't want ANYONE tested because the reporting of positive results make him look bad. As with everything in life, it's all about Trump.

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#325914 - 05/20/20 08:16 PM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: jgw]
GreatNewsTonight Offline

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Originally Posted By: jgw
I have always been amazed at how we, as a nation, has dealt with Covid-19 It seemed so simple! There would be two tests. The first to tell if you had it or able to pass it. The second tells whether you have had it and have the anti-bodies to prove it.

It's not as simple. We don't even know yet if people who had it can get infected again. Levels of antibodies among those who have recovered, have varied greatly, from almost none to a lot.

And then, tests have false negatives and false positives.

Sure, I'd love to see more tests available... but it's not easy to test 330 million people.

The solutions are not as simple.

The only true solution will be an effective vaccine that confers lasting immunity and still works in case of mutation.

Until then (if we get one), we'll have to live with this new reality, test or no test.

Edited by GreatNewsTonight (05/21/20 06:36 PM)
Please take COVID-19 seriously; don't panic but don't deny it; practice social distancing (stay 6ft from people); wash your hands a lot, don't touch your face, don't gather with too many people, so that you help us contain it.

#325918 - 05/20/20 11:00 PM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
pondering_it_all Offline

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I think there are a lot of things we do know, at a 95% confidence level. Like people who have recovered and have IgG, very likely will have some immunity. Sure, there are exceptions (like me) who were taking immunosuppressives that screwed around with certain white cells. But I fail the antibody test.

Opening back up is going to consist of a lot of bets: Hopefully well-educated bets. Like don't go back to work facing the public unless you are recovered AND have an antibody test that shows you have enough IgG to be safe. That means we need titre tests, not just qualitative. Until we get there, isolation works. Mask wearing in public and maintaining distance works. Countries that have done just those two things have very few new cases.
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#325929 - 05/21/20 05:18 PM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: GreatNewsTonight]
jgw Offline

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My thought was that was how it was supposed to be!

My point was that it is NOT! Not even close. Its also incredibly uneven. Some have tests, some don't and some that do have tests that don't work. As far as I can tell there are few antibody tests which, from my point of view, are REALLY necessary to get people moving with some assurance they will not get infected and die. I fear I had little or no ability of prognostication in this but did have a lot of wishful thinking involved.

As far as not knowing whether folks can get re-infected. I think that they cannot and tests to the contrary seem to be for isolated groups and not universal. This one, I suspect, just needs more time for general acceptance.

#325977 - 05/23/20 04:14 AM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
Jeffery J. Haas Offline
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1. Trump will say Rome never burned, he's been there.
2. He doesn't know any guy named Nero, probably Deep State again.
3. It's fake news.
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