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#327083 - 07/04/20 05:07 PM the Trump Plan
jgw Offline

Registered: 05/22/06
Posts: 3704
Loc: Port Angeles, WA
Apparently Jackass Trump has decided to join up with Bolsonaro of Brazil and just let Covid-19 kill off a couple hundred thousand to save what is left. The phrase will apparently be "live with it". The reasoning is that we have failed and there is nothing anybody can do about it. I have also noticed that he is completely ignoring Europe, Canada, South Korea, etc.

I find this very strange indeed but it also actually seems to be on the docket. Amazing! Even more interesting is the simple fact that its quite possible that up to 40% of the voting public is going to support this! Amazing! I think he has actually convinced them that its all a hoax! This, in spite of the simple fact that this plan is also probably going to kill more of his supporters than those who believe Covid-19 is real and continue to wear masks, etc.

Yesterday I watched Barbara Boxer (retired Democratic senator) weigh in. Her thought is that Biden should add one little cute phrase to his speeches: "Vote for me - I won't kill you!". I agree with her, that is a GREAT thing to say! (because its true!) In the same vein, when referencing Democrats then it should be "Vote Democratic, THEY want kill you!".

I continue to feel its getting very strange. Trump, for instance, has high numbers for taking care of the economy and, again apparently, the Democrats are letting that one slide on by. This, in spite of the simple fact that Trump is, quite possibly, the worst businessman the nation has ever seen. Daddy gave him 450 million dollars. One would think that was a pretty good place to expand with.

Now examine his incredible financial history which we know about so far. He went banko 6 times! He is being sued by well over 100 people he has neglected to pay. Many believe that Putin bailed him out, to the tune of billions about 9 years ago. He has lost money on every one of his golf courses up until he could start staying at them and letting our tax dollars pay for him, his wife, his family and the secret service to stay at them and pay top dollar for the privilege. None of this is secret and there is a lot more than that. I would LOVE to see an add pointing it all out. If the supremes rule to release his finances it will get even better!

I just don't want to see the Jackass skate on any of this stuff. He wants attention and he should get it!

#327088 - 07/04/20 05:34 PM Re: the Trump Plan [Re: jgw]
pdx rick Offline

Registered: 05/09/05
Posts: 43466
Loc: Puget Sound, WA

As much as Trump touts his intelligence, Trump is not very intelligent. It's obvious that Trump is incurious and a functional illiterate. He mangles the English language just like GW Bush did. (Must be a Rightwing thing.)

Trump's inability to process what he sees and hears is noted as is the case when one of his supporters in a golf cart at the retirement community called The Villages, FL shouted "white power" several times during a video of the event. Trump claims he didn't hear what we all heard.

To be blunt, it's quite obvious now which parent Barron Trump inherited his Autism from.

Contrarian, extraordinaire


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