We are rapidly approaching the rent/mortgage disaster point. In talking to people and watching the tv I have come to the conclusion that everybody being effected are starting to reach the end of their patience - in BOTH parties! Just another conundrum I just don't get.

In about eighty-two days Trump will either be out or will get another turn. If he gets re-elected anything that gets done will actually mean nothing - NOTHING! We will have a dear dictator and everything changes.

I am also assuming that if the Dems win they will win BIG!

If the above is right then Pelosi, holding out to get as much as she can, is making absolutely no sense. She should do as well as she can (cave) so that some will survive until the election. (and the Dems can claim they are the ones that actually did something) If the Dems win then they can deal with the problems. If not, then Trump can do his absolute nothing thing and deal with all the blood on the streets.

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