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#330491 - 11/28/20 04:34 AM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
rporter314 Offline

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some 40 years ago I took a flu shot and got sick as the proverbial dog. I have not taken a shot since and also have not had the flu (just lucky I guess). I have been a bit hesitant about taking any of the vaccines until I learned about the mRNA vaccines. I believe these will work for me, so am waiting patiently for my turn ... of course I may be on the other side of the 140M people who have compromised health conditions, despite my age. I am patient.
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#330499 - 11/28/20 08:22 PM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
pondering_it_all Offline

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I suspect that all the leading vaccines will work about the same, because they are all based on the virus RNA sequence the Chinese published back in January. Moderna, Pfizer, and Oxford vaccines all makes antibodies to exactly the proteins made from the gene they included. Older techniques, like attenuated or killed virus vaccines, seem quite dangerous in retrospect because they can make antibodies against a lot more proteins. Chances are higher that one of those antibodies might act against something that is part of the human body.

The Oxford vaccine can also make antibodies against the carrier: A chimpanzee adenovirus. But that adenovirus has been modified so it can't reproduce beyond the injected amounts, so the body should make a lot less antibodies to it than to the SARS-COV2 spike protein created in the human cells. Still, the mRNA technique seems a bit cleaner to me.

The concern about making antibodies to human proteins is not groundless: Toxic shock victims were immunized against the pathogen during a period. During their next period, they started cranking out antibodies against the pathogen that cross reacted with human proteins. A lot of them ended up with lupus or MS.

I'm thinking I'll get the Moderna vaccine in a few months, after a few million people get it. But my wife and I are in a very safe and comfortable situation, being retired with steady income and a fenced and gated property. We also may be immune from mild cases in March, and are taking or have everything to treat in-home cases. All we have to do is handle deliveries carefully, and we both know sterile technique. I realize most people are not in that situation.

#330657 - 12/09/20 03:01 AM Re: Coronavirus: The Plague of The 21st Century? [Re: NW Ponderer]
pondering_it_all Offline

Registered: 02/27/06
Posts: 10773
Loc: North San Diego County
Dr. Pierre Kory testified today before a Senate committee about his fantastic success treating many hundreds of Covid-19 patients with ivermectin. He really lit into the NIH, FDA, and CDC for ignoring mountains of evidence including random clinical trials with incredible results of both prophylaxis and early treatment. He asked they review his own paper on a preprint server that is being peer reviewed now.

He had one example of a study in Argentina where 800 frontline medical workers took ivermectin and a control group of medical workers did not. ZERO of the ivermectin group got sick. 58% of the control group got sick. That's 100% effective! Better than any of the current vaccines.


This is a link to a Peak Prosperity video where a doctor is talking about his previous day's ivermectin video that got removed by YouTube because it goes against WHO recommendations. He has excerpts of Dr. Kory's testimony.

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