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#57829 - 03/24/08 09:15 PM Re: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three [Re: pdx rick]
olyve Offline

Registered: 08/02/06
Posts: 7504
Loc: Athens, Ga.
I don't consider that the American people said no, Rick.
Rather the "system".

"Life is not about waiting for the storms to's about learning how to dance in the rain."

#63273 - 05/19/08 03:36 PM Re: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three [Re: Arthur]
Arthur Offline

Registered: 03/11/07
Posts: 21
Loc: North America

Please excuse the delay in posting this; on April 30th my home was severely damaged by high winds and remains uninhabitable for the foreseeable future. I now own a gazebo (i.e. a home without walls), and can better appreciate what hurricane and tornado survivors must endure.

Without further ado . . .

A May Day Offering

I have some good news and some bad news. First, the bad news . . .


To paraphrase a delightful comment by our dear Brother, Albert Einstein:


  a = “It’s a good idea.”


  b = “It is possible.”


  c = “It will never happen, so why bother?”


  a + b + c = d


  d = our addiction to victimization

My dear Brothers and Sisters, have you not yet had enough pain? How much longer are you going to ignore your heart’s pleas for you to wake up? When you stop looking for someone to blame for the conditions on this planet, all the while begging to someone else to be “saved,” then you will finally begin the process of discovering your true power and becoming free. We have such a rare opportunity to create Heaven on Earth; the only price is your willingness to sacrifice your fears. Your complacency is your own personal condemnation to evermore debilitating, enslaved conditions.


And now the good news . . .


The Boy and the Ball and Chain

There was once a place and time where people were much like us; they worked, they played, they loved, and they fought . . . but they had long, long ago, decided that once a child was able to walk, they would forevermore wear a ball and chain, fettered to one of their ankles. They had long forgotten why they did this and they had become quite accepting of it. They had even developed a material for the ball and chain such that it could never be removed and would naturally expand as the child grew. Entire ball-and-chain industries arose: “Just spray a little of this friction-free lubricant on your ball and you’ll forget it’s even there!”

All was well.

One day—a nice, warm, beautiful Summer day—a young boy went out to the playground with his friends and they were having a joyful, innocent, playful time of frolic and delight. After a while, the young boy got tired, so he went to sit in the shade and watch his friends carrying on without him.

He lay back and looked off into the nearby woods to watch the birds singing in the trees. Out of the corner of his eye, he was very surprised to see some kind of movement, so he sat up to get a better look. It must have been some kind of animal as it was moving very quickly! He saw a shape moving through the forest; it looked like a person, but no one can move through the woods that fast! He watched and saw the figure stop and bend down out of sight . . . 

Well! This was just too much for a young boy! He had to find out what this was in the woods, and moving so quickly! So, off he went into the woods, carrying his ball carefully to make as little noise as possible. He found some fresh prints and followed them to the edge of a stream, where he saw a man resting and getting a drink of water. The boy was stunned: the man didn’t have his ball! Before the boy could control himself, he shouted out “Who are you and where’s your ball?!”

The man jumped up and turned in surprise, and he and the young boy stared at each other in a long moment of shock. . . . Seeing that the young boy was alone, the man sat down and smiled at the boy and said, “Do not be afraid. I am just someone who has chosen to live by myself, freed from the ball and chain I had been dragging around all my life. As I no longer have my ball and chain, I can no longer live with others; it is a very steep price to pay, but I have chosen to be free.”

The boy, still in shock, shouted again, “Where’s your ball!?” and the man calmly replied, “I finally decided I had to cut it off.”

Well! This put the boy into a real tizzy. He cried out, “Everyone knows you can’t cut the ball and chain off! That’s just not possible; everyone knows you can’t do that! What did you use to cut it off with?!” The man looked at the boy, and after a long pause, he reached into his coat and pulled out an old hacksaw blade. The boy was really incensed now! “You’re lying to me! Everyone knows you can’t cut through the shackle or the chain, especially with a hacksaw blade! You’re lying to me!”

The man put the blade back inside his coat and said, “Yes, of course, you’re right: that old hacksaw blade could never cut through the shackle or the chain . . . but it can cut through your leg,” and he pulled up a pant leg and there, clearly circling his leg, just above his ankle, was an obvious scar. “Yes, that old hacksaw blade could never cut through the shackle or the chain, but I’m a doctor and I can safely reattach your foot after you slide the shackle off.”

The boy started at the man in complete shock, so the man continued, “I will not saw your foot off for you; you must do that yourself, and you must do it cleanly and quickly so that you don’t blackout from the pain or the loss of blood. But if you are willing to saw your foot off, enduring the shock and the pain, and accepting that it will take months for your foot to heal completely, then you will forevermore be free.”

. . . to be continued . . .

Blessings to you all, my dear Brothers and Sisters,


Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

#81124 - 10/14/08 07:06 PM Re: Cynthia, Dennis, and Ron: We Need All Three [Re: Arthur]
Arthur Offline

Registered: 03/11/07
Posts: 21
Loc: North America
My Dear Brothers and SIsters,

I have written in the past about emotional manipulation, and as events unfold—as many of us expected they would—perhaps it is time to remind you that emotional manipulation is the only tool that naughty boys can use to get people to act in ways that they would normally wisely avoid.

Necessity is the plea of every infringement of human freedom. It is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

—William Pitt

The recently passed “bailout bill”—a financial “false-flag” operation, rewarding those already-very-wealthy bankers who for many decades successfully plundered the People of this country—is a classic example of emotional manipulation: lots of fear-mongering and promises of rescue due to “uncontrolled events” (aka a classic case of premeditated “problem—reaction—solution”).

As has often been noted:
The significant problems we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.

—Albert Einstein

With these words, our dear Brother directly addresses the evolution of self-conscious awareness from the plane of the emotions to the plane of the mind, and indirectly addresses the effects of emotional manipulation.

Emotional manipulation can only proceed upon the plane of the emotions: a level of interaction with the world that we have been working to rise above for many thousands of years . . . and we are very close!, thus the increasingly extreme acts of deception by a small number of very naughty boys. The challenge is that we are still not fully aware of the next “step”: the plane of the mind. Albert reminds us that such a plane really does exist, and ultimately—due to the nature of evolution—we will, as a group, reach that next plane of self-conscious awareness.

It is a level of awareness that, in the interim, will confuse and anger those still laboring on the plane of emotions: many will go to great lengths (i.e. intense emotion reactions) to convince themselves (often by yelling at others) that they are functioning quite well on the plane of the mind—“thank you very much!” Unfortunately, no one can “take” a Brother or Sister to the next level of awareness; it must be achieved by everyone in their own way and at their own pace. Grace, compassion, patience, and nurturing are dearly recommended, and, perhaps, the best clue that any of us can offer to distinguish the brain from the mind (as they are very different) is that the brain recognizes and sorts information; the mind assesses information and does so without any emotional reactions. (FYI, when we move from one plane of consciousness to the next, we neither invalidate nor eliminate the lower levels of consciousness.)

Yet with all that we are now facing, there is a “beacon of light” growing within us . . . 

We the People are facing significant challenges, but the naughty boys who are working frantically to finally and completely plunder this country into the annals of history face even greater challenges: It takes many years—decades, even, and in some current cases, centuries—to covertly destabilize a planet and its Peoples. But it only takes a few solemn moments of awareness that we have been lied to for our entire lives, to get a People to know that “Time is of the essence.”

That time may well be right now.

Perhaps now, enough of us will be willing to do the work necessary to reclaim our country—before yet another “surprise attack” occurs. But even if yet another such crime is committed, perhaps there are enough of us to advise our Brothers and Sisters to respond, not with violence, but with careful, thoughtful words to their friends and neighbors. What is needed is a election—with paper ballots—to bring all troops home, dismantle the Federal Reserve System, and establish true democracy in this country, as invoked by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Even if the election in November is “postponed,” we can still go to the polls and vote anyway. We have the numbers, my Brothers and Sisters; do we have the will?

Do we have the will?

I have been criticized (and attacked) for interacting with others in a form that “distances” people; for not “speaking to people in a language that they can understand.” Writing from the plane of the mind will do that for those who are not yet freed from being ruled by their emotions. It is a steep price to pay and often brings great sadness, but it is also very necessary—as Albert attests.

I accept that few have any interest in what a lone monk in the wilderness has to say. So be it; all I can do is to offer assistance. I just ask that you give yourselves the credit that you deserve and do the work necessary—from the plane of the mind—to reclaim your country. Soon, there may well be no other alternative;

“Time is of the essence.”


Arthur “Two Sheds” Jackson

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