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Who "gave" them to us, Ma?

It is all about party politics. In 2004 Howard Dean got kicked to the sidelines because he came in second. This year the Dems decided that they really did hate Hillary, just as she was deciding that she hated them.

Again, Ma, it's hard to come to a good conclusion when you're working with bad data.

Gov. Dean was not "kicked to the sidelines" at all, in fact, immediately subsequent to his loss in the primary campaign, he was elected by his fellow Democrats to one of the highest national positions in the Party. And "the Dems" did not in fact "decide they really did hate Hillary", in fact the race was undecided until the very end, and almost all of the delegates who chose Sen. Obama did so because they thought he was the better candidate for our times, not because they "hated Hillary". And now, Hillary "hates them" so much that she is not only campaigning for Obama, she is campaigning with him?

Your conclusions are based on something other than the facts before us.

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We are given the choices and told they are the only choices.

Again, I ask you: by whom?

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I fear Barack H Obama, the neo-savior, I think he will lead the economy into the dumps . . .

No need to worry about that, my friend. One cannot be "led" to the place one already occupies.

Steve, Howard Dean came in second, screamed on stage, and fell off of a cliff. His second place finish was a little disappointing, but it was still a second place finish. His scream wasn't that bad, as a matter of fact it was actually a pretty good speech. He was just trying to keep the crowd up after the loss. The day after the press was all over him, for no reason and the DNC did nothing to stop it. Any honest assessment of the press reveals a leftward tilt, Dean was a very leftward candidate. He was stabbed in the back by his own party.

He compaigned for the position he has now and if memory serves, nobody else really wanted it. The fact he got elected to the position was more of a crumb than a position. In a moment of truth I will admit that he has done a very nice job, but he had Bush as his foil so it didn't take a whole lot to make the Dems look good.

One other thing, the economy is NOT in that bad of shape. Employment is robust, exports are doing very well because of the cheap dollar, manufacturing is still pretty busy, except for the auto industry and even the Japanese autos are taking a hit. Don't believe the hype, the economy is doing OK and as long as we don't take any more money out the economy it should hold its own. If a President Obama, the neo-savior, decides to revoke the tax cuts or raise capital gains rates, then the economy tanks. It is strugling with high fuel prices, food prices have increased, the cost of transporting product by truck has become rediculous, thanks to the clean fuel mandates.

At the end of the day,. the economy will follow the publicly held impression of its health. If Congress keeps telling America that it is in bad shape, it will get worse, if they decide to talk it up, it will improve. SO, the next time you hear a pol tell us how much trouble the economy is in, don't listen to him/her. America is in fine shape, unless our "leaders" decide to make her tank.
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