I wonder. If gov gets shutdown because our elected class cannot govern then why do we have to keep them? This is an obvious example of an elected class being unable to govern. When this happens then, I would submit that giving them 24 hours to fix the problem or a new election of all elected involved in such a flagrant example of elected incompetence.

So, they couldn't fix the problem and so they are put on notice that a new election, of the entire class of federally elected, will happen in 2 weeks. There would also be standing legislation that pays all the bills until the new set of elected is sworn in and seated. Then the newly elected has another 2 weeks to fix the problem. If they fail it just rolls over to yet another election.

The logic is pretty simple. If a given class of elected are unable to do their job then, for the good of the nation, a new election is called and ALL elected are replaced. Those being replaced cannot run for re-election as they have already proven their incompetence and so they are out of a job.

If such a thing existed I can guarantee you that they would be able to fix the problem in 24 hours.

Just seems to make sense...............