NWP, In checking your link and expecting a treatise on the Latin roots and meanings of e pluribus unum I find instead a salad recipe, or actually e pluribus unus a brief discussion of a poem describing a salad recipe. This salad doesn't sound particularly appetizing but by definition comes, I think closer to the truth than either you or Issodhos have come in the literal meaning of the phrase. Perhaps I oversimplify when I leave out commonwealth and immigrants and all the other semantics that can be tied to the phrase and suggest that "out of many, one" is what e pluribus unum means, simply a synonym for United. The phrase can be used to describe many things but I think it really has only one meaning.
Just as the cheese and herbs join together to become one the States did the same, their many flavors and colours melding into a single ball with it's own particular flavour.
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