Yesterday we were discussing "property" and how primitives held everything in "common". I submit that children are perhaps the most primitive form of humans, fuzzy brained, with only the vestiges of genetic memories passed down from the parents. They must be taught everything from how to eat, walk, and talk. I further submit that, while more often than not the first word that baby learns is "Mommy", the second more often than not is Mine Mine Mine! Does baby learn this concept of property rights so easily or is it ingrained, actually genetically passed down rather than learned. This "right" to posses something and not have it taken away is no different from any savage beast which claims the right to control "territory". Said beast, by virtue of whuppin' your ass, also claims the right to mate with the nearest female, claims the right to biggest chunk of food etc. etc.
In conclusion I submit that "rights" preceded even intelligence.

I apologize if this thread is supposed to be a one way street where everyone bashes Issodhos, I just keep seeing other ways to think about the various assertions and condemnations. Feel free to shoot me down, Isso wont be back for hours anyway....

Edit: Welcome back Issodos! I didn't imagine we would be seeing you until this evening.

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