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Here's the thing: You can't go on a highly rated daytime chatfest and admit to lying about a "story" you told on a radio show.

...then once off the show, go back and retrack everything said on the highly rated daytime chatfest.

That makes one out to a person with integrity issues.

I think this whole View fiasco for Glenn Beck is the beginning of his downfall. No one will believe anything he says anymore.

He lies. He admits he lies. He retracks that he lies. Says the admission was a lie.

Who can believe anything someone like that ever says?


While I personally agree with all you've just posted, I'm here to tell you...I know a lot of people, and sadly to say even some of my family members...who will NOT GIVE UP the excremental commentaries and opinions that he can't seem to help from perpetrating on a very shallow minded audience.

I won't ever get what people see in Beck...till my dying days.

Beck, Limbaugh, yadda, yadda, yadda have made a niche for themselves with the public. They get on the air...say whatever they want to...regardless of the lack validity and ethical value...and scream those things as though they are NOT OPINIONS, but the VERY TRUTH.

People believe these jerks...and as long as people are paying to listen to their nonsense...they'll continue to dispense their bullshit.

As I said in the "Is Glenn Beck dangerous?", in my opinion, he's not dangerous at all, he's just a sorry, low-life motherf****. I will always stand by my view of Mr. Beck.

Turn on ANY brand of political machine - and it automatically goes to the "SPIN and LIE CYCLE" wink

Yours Truly - Gregg